Sugar is very difficult to completely avoid. It occurs naturally in fruits and other whole food items, but it is also packed into processed food. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you are likely eating plenty of sugar throughout they day without even knowing it. Here are 10 signs that you are eating too much sugar.

1. You are lethargic
Being tired all of the time is one of the main signs that you are eating too much sugar. While foods that are high in sugar may provide a quick boost of energy, the crash that follows is difficult to get through. If you are feeling tired all the time it may be a good time to reexamine your sugar intake.

2. Cravings
If are constantly craving sugar or carbohydrates, there is a good chance that you are addicted. Eating sugar can lead to a chain reaction of cravings due to the fact that it is so addictive. If need to eat carbs or sweets with every meal, you could have a sugar addiction.

3. Frequent illness
If you get colds and the flu more often than you think you should, it could be because of the excessive sugar in your diet. Eating too much sugar can weaken the immune system, which hurts your body’s natural ability to fight off diseases.

4. Anxiety or depression
Eating too much sugar can result in an emotional crash. Once sugar’s boost has worn off, the physical tiredness that comes along with the sugar crash is often accompanied by psychological fatigue. This can lead to feelings of depression, lethargy, social withdrawal, and sadness.

Chronic anxiety and nervousness, as well as feelings of constant worry, may be a sign that you need to cut down on the sugar. Essential oils can be very useful in helping the symptoms of anxiety and depression, so this is one natural way to soothe those symptoms.

5. Skin problems
Sugar causes inflammation to the body when it is consumed, so it also contributes to inflammatory skin problems such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Some people find that their skin greatly improves when they stop eating sugar as much as possible.

Sugar may also cause inflammation in the feet. This may appear as plantar fasciitis, which is a common injury among athletes where their IT band becomes tight and thick.

Too much sugar consumption may also lead to adrenal fatigue, which can result in dark circles under the eyes.

6. Weight issues
Our bodies are only set up to accommodate a small amount of sugar. Once the body has reached its fill of sugar, any excess sugar that comes in ends up being stored as body fat. This excess sugar can quickly lead to weight gain and obesity.

7. High blood pressure
An excess of sugar in your diet can lead to blood pressure problems.

Studies have shown that there is a link between high blood pressure and excessive sugar consumption. If you suffer from high blood pressure, take a look at your sugar intake as well as your salt intake.

8. Dental problems
If you keep having to have cavities filled due to decay, it is likely time to cut down on the sugar. Sugar easily works its way into the cracks of your teeth where it begins to rot the tooth enamel away and take over your teeth.

Make sure to eat less sugar if you have a lot of cavities, and certainly learn about proper oral hygiene.

9. Diabetes
There are many people who are suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes and they are not even aware of it. Excess sugar consumption can lead to diabetes. If you are at risk for getting diabetes, be sure to watch your diet and only eat sugar when you need to do so.

10. Heart problems
Studies have shown that diets that are high in sugar hasten death and increase the risk for heart disease more than high-fructose, high-starch, or high-fat diets.

Because sugar bingeing increases the risk of developing illnesses that are harmful to the heart, it is not a stretch to say that eating too much sugar can lead to heart problems.

How to Curve Sugar Addiction
Take a close look at your diet to see exactly how much sugar you are eating each day. This should include the natural sugar that you are getting from fruit and fruit juices. Once you see all of the sugar that you are eating, it is time to purge your kitchen and start fresh.

There are many healthy foods that are naturally sweet, such as sweet potatoes, and once you stop eating processed sugars, your taste buds will no longer look for those artificial flavors.