Having a personalized nutrition and exercise program to achieve your health goals makes sense.

Why? Because your unique genetic make-up means your body metabolizes foods differently than anyone else. You may need a different combination of foods to achieve weight loss or build muscle. Some people can enjoy ice cream, chocolate or bread in moderation, while others will suffer spikes in blood sugar and experience weight gain.

Your environment, current physical fitness, and any pre-existing medical conditions also affect your ability to absorb nutrients and see the benefits of exercise. You may be working out harder or more often but not getting the results you did 5 or 10 years ago. The same-old-routine isn’t working. And since your situation is unique, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work either. Information is available about the fundamentals of eating well and staying fit. But resources like the government’s basic dietary guidelines for Americans may be too broad to provide the guidance you need for optimum health.

As health insurance and healthcare costs continue to rise, consumers and researchers are recognizing the financial savings realized with improved health. In addition to lowering your healthcare expenses, a customized health plan offers these key benefits.

1. Improved mental and physical performance

Eating the wrong combination of foods, particularly with limited physical activity, can leave you feeling dull or tired, suppressing the energy you need to accomplish daily tasks. The right balance of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats – fuels your body’s cells to function effectively and efficiently. When you eat well and incorporate fitness routines that fit your lifestyle, you’ll be more alert and better able to deal with stress, making you more productive overall.

2. Reduced likelihood of developing chronic diseases

A customized health plan can help improve blood pressure, stabilize glucose levels and reduce joint and tissue inflammation. Keeping these symptoms of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis in check mean you’re less likely to face chronic conditions over time. And when your system is in balance, your need for medications to treat symptoms is reduced. Good nutrition and improved fitness strengthen your immune system too, reducing your risk of catching viruses and colds.

3. Sustainable, life-long results

Unlike fad diets or quick-fix exercise programs, a customized health plan that reflects what you need produces sustainable results. Giving your body the nutrition it’s missing will create a new, recurring pattern of healthier cravings. As your body begins to produce more energy, you’ll be better able to take part in and be interested in cardio and weight-bearing exercises. Your improved fitness level and visibly healthier appearance will motivate you to continue engaging in physical activities. Your body’s performance is optimized, reducing the likelihood that you’ll fall back into old habits.

While DIY resources are available to help you customize your health plan, working with Cenegenics in Boston provides the expertise and support you need to succeed. In addition to a customized meal plan, you’ll have ongoing interactions with our team who’ll answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Based on your feedback, Cenegenics will adjust your program to keep you moving forward toward your goals. You won’t be trying to figure out the right course of action on your own. Contact Cenegenics for more information about our nutrition coaching services.