Kettlebells can be intimidating. The cast iron weights, named for their resemblance to a tea kettle, were used heavily to train Soviet soldiers in Russia. Despite their daunting history, the workout can deliver results quickly. Unlike traditional weight training, which can focus on static moves, the kettlebell requires swinging and lifting of the weights. Exercises are designed to target the entire body. Here are 3 reasons you may want to get in the swing:

1. Functional Fitness
Kettlebell exercises follow similar movements from daily activities such as picking up bags and doing yard work.

2. Total Body Training
Working with kettlebells offers three-dimensional movements that target several muscle groups at a time. These types of weights force you to work large muscle groups and also smaller stability muscles.

3. Mega Calorie Burn
Some research shows that kettlebell workouts can shred 20 calories a minute, or 400 in a 20-minute session.