Today’s fitness regimens contain as much science as sport. No longer is getting fit confined to the realm of “no pain, no gain.” The newest trend-setting approaches factor in every component of each individual, from age to gender to health history to weight loss goals and more.

Here are 5 of the hottest new fitness trends sweeping not just the nation but the globe.

Trend #1Body weight training.
Body weight training has arisen as an outgrowth of the new slim-and-trim fitness center. Devoid of large, bulky weight machines, today’s fitness centers use the individual’s own body weight to develop strength, endurance, coordination and balance.

The very portability and minimalism of body weight training is perhaps the biggest part of its appeal.

Trend #2Cegenics.
Cegenics is perhaps the foremost example of the marriage of science with fitness, incorporating every aspect of each individual into the development of highly personalized fitness plans.

As an outgrowth of Age Management Medicine (AMM), cegenics is perhaps the first total fitness program to speak directly to the needs of a population that can expect to live longer than ever before.

Trend #3Functional fitness.
Capitalizing on the needs and goals of an ever-aging population, functional fitness is as it sounds: a focus on improving the individual’s ability to go about daily life with the highest degree of independence and competence.

As such, training centers around making measurable improvements in balance and posture, mastery of common movements (standing, sitting, bending, lifting) and overall endurance.

Trend #4Outdoor-centric fitness.
With the ongoing urbanization of daily life, it is little surprise there is a commensurately growing demand for programs that combine personal fitness with experiences of the natural world. Boot camps were perhaps one of the first examples of this demand, which today has outgrown its militaristic beginnings to embrace both structured fitness regimens and athletic outings with family and friends.

Water sports, hiking and rocking climbing, wilderness camping, group sports and solo endurance sports are all part of the greater trend towards getting fit while enjoying the great outdoors.

Trend #5Yoga.
Yoga is not a new trend, but it is a fiercely enduring trend precisely because of its whole-person approach to fitness. There are nearly as many yoga disciplines as there are individual practitioners. Yoga itself is highly customizable for special needs and different fitness levels. And yoga has been scientifically proven to provide additional health benefits that include better sleep, fewer body aches and pains, a higher level of mental alertness and improved breathing and circulation.

Yoga is now available for all age levels and every fitness level. From studio classes to private lessons, online courses to DVD workouts, yoga has become one of the most popular trending fitness regiments to come along in some time.

With a greater awareness of the latest emerging health and fitness trends comes a correspondingly greater flexibility to select the best approach to meet individual fitness goals.

Finally, one additional key fitness trend is seen in the very variety represented here – combining different types of workouts to ensure the highest degree of overall body strength, balance, endurance and fitness, interspersed with appropriate rest days to allow the body to repair and rejuvenate.