Cene.Boston.GlowingSkinSmooth, firm, unblemished skin is a universal sign of beauty and health. Though it can be faked with a lot of makeup when you are young, unhealthy skin becomes more obvious with age. Starting the right skin care habits can help to keep your skin glowing for decades. These habits do not take up a lot of time and effort, but they definitely can make a huge change to your appearance.

Moisturize Regularly
When a lot of people imagine healthy, fresh skin, what they are actually picturing is well moisturized skin. Without enough water, the cells in the skin shrink up, and this makes skin look thin, tired, and dull. You can keep your skin looking healthy and soft by making sure that it is getting enough moisture both from inside and outside. Drinking at least eight cups of water each day will help you to avoid dehydration and make your skin glow. You can also increase moisturize by applying a good moisturizing lotion before you go to bed each night. This keeps your skin from drying out while you sleep.

Always Use Sunscreen
The ultraviolet rays produced by the sun are the biggest source of skin damage that anyone faces. Even if you do not get a sunburn, the UV rays can still harm the elastin fibers in the skin, causing skin to sag, and it can also make skin look dull by killing skin cells. Wearing sunscreen whenever you go outdoors for your entire life can help to prevent wrinkles, but it is never too late to start this habit. Wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 can help to prevent age spots, large pores, and more wrinkles from developing. Fortunately, a lot of modern lotions and makeups include sun protection, so it is very easy to add sunscreen to your daily routine.

Get Lots of Sleep
Sleep does more than just leave you feeling well rested and alert in the morning. The circadian rhythms that are affected by sleep have a huge influence on the body. Dermatologists have found that the pH of a person’s skin decreases and circulation increases throughout the night. This encourages healthy skin cell production and helps to remove free radicals that could otherwise make skin look dull and tired. Doctors recommend that people over the age of forty get at least eight uninterrupted hours of sleep each night if possible.

Don’t Be Afraid to Exfoliate
Skin often looks dull because new skin cells are hidden beneath layers of dried out, dead skin. A gentle exfoliating cleanser used twice a week can help to reveal fresh new skin and keep your complexion looking bright. Just be careful to avoid harsh chemical peels that can dry out or damage skin further. The ideal product will combine gentle exfoliation with nutrients and moisturizers.

Get Exercise Often
In addition to all of the physical benefits of exercise, such as reduced osteoporosis and heart disease risks, it can also help your skin. When you get your heart pumping during exercise, you increase circulation throughout your body and allow oxygen rich blood to rejuvenate your skin. Some scientific exercise also shows that exercise stimulates the lymphatic system, so it may be able to speed up the process of removing toxins from your skin. In general, exercise helps your skin to look flushed, fresh, and firm because of all of its circulatory benefits. Even if you have health conditions that prevent you from lifting weights or going for a jog, a gentle walk can help to improve your skin.