Spring is officially here and that means several people are turning up their fitness routine. Here are five events that go beyond running to make sure your fitness and fun go hand in hand.

Tap ‘N’ Run

For a less serious, more fun run, get a team of your friends together, put on ridiculous costumes and gear up for Tap ‘N’ Run. Featuring “beer chug” stations along the route, the course is only 4K, meaning anyone can finish it in less than an hour. Everyone who finishes receives a medal that doubles as a bottle opener, and there are prizes for things like “best ‘stache” and “best short shorts.”

Spartan Race

Will you be able to resist the urge to yell “THIS IS SPARTA!” as you charge the obstacle course of the Spartan Race? We won’t judge you either way, but prepare to be challenged during this race designed by eight “ultra athletes.” The Spartan Race offers events for all levels of athletic ability, but only those with true Spartan blood in their veins attempt the most challenging, the Ultra Beast Marathon.

Adventure Xstream Series

True adventure lovers will navigate 50-mile courses set in beautiful destinations in Colorado and Utah on foot and via kayak or mountain bike. Special activities like rappelling keep even top athletes challenged, although the event does cater to both “aspiring and elite athletes.” Note: you will need to know how to kayak and mountain bike to enter.

Devil Dash

Your ultimate destination: the Beer Garden of Eden. But before you get there, you have to make it through this 5K complete with obstacles that represent the seven deadly sins. Expect to dart through fire, crawl through mud pits and run through a river to prove you should be allowed to escape purgatory and have a beer.

Marathon du Mendoc

There are plenty of fitness events where you can chug beer, but wine lovers haven’t been left out. At the Marathon du Medoc in the Medoc wine region of France, runners take an adventure through vineywards and breathtaking landscapes, stopping at numerous drinking posts along the way. Taste the best of the best French wines and snack on delicacies like oysters, foie grass, fruit and cheese in between sprints. This one might take a while to finish, but there’s nothing else quite like it!