Sprouts are often overlooked when it comes to shopping for produce. But there are several reasons this vitamin packed power food should be incorporated into your diet.

1. Research shows there are up to 100 times more enzymes (which improve body function) in sprouts that other fruits and veggies.

2. Sprouts have a higher protein content than beans, nuts and seeds because it is sprouted.

3. Fiber content is also very high in sprouts. This is critical in weight loss because it binds fats and toxins to be removed from the body quickly before intestines reabsorb them.

4. Sprouts are filled with vitamins, including A, B-complex, C, and E. They are also filled with essential fatty acid content.

5. They are easy to grow at home & inexpensive! Plus, by growing them yourself you know that you are not getting unwanted pesticides and other chemicals.