1. Mentally prepare and get in the zone

By realizing that your next workout will be grueling you may be able to embrace and anticipate the challenges ahead. And give yourself some credit after for accomplishing such a tough feat.

2. Workout buddies can be key

By recruiting someone to workout with you, chances are higher that you will tough it out and work harder. You want someone who can cheer you on and push you to the next level.

3. Get into a routine

Make your workout a priority and it will feel less like a chore. Build a routine so you’re doing your workout at the same time each day.

4. Make your goals specific

Don’t just say you want to lose weight or feel healthier. Be specific and write your goals down. Come up with how much weight you want to lose and what feeling healthier means and go for it. By tracking down specific details you can carve out a plan of attack.

5. Create power words

Power words are most key when you are pushing through the toughest of workouts. To get started, take out a piece of paper. One one side, write all of your excuses, self-doubts, and negative thoughts about the workout. Then, on the right side, write what the opposite of that would be. For example: If you write you’re “too tired” on the left side, write that your “mind and body are stronger and healthier each day” on the right. When you start to lose motivation during a workout, remember what’s in the right column and power through.