When it comes to the battle against fat, most people think that food is their greatest enemy, and they end up sabotaging diets. In reality, some foods increase the metabolism rate, thereby, boosting the body’s ability to burn food. Adding these foods to one’s diet helps shed pounds of fats with so much ease and less strain.


Oats are nutritious grains rich in soluble fibers that are essential for fighting cholesterol and blood fat. Oats have a high ability to make one feel full, what nutritionists refer to as “satiety index”. Oats do not raise blood sugar since they digest slowly. A healthy oatmeal breakfast is a good way to start off the day, and the meal is as well one of the top foods that help in fighting lack of sleep.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are high in heart-friendly fatty acids, especially the renowned pinolenic acid. Pine nuts are also known to boost the body’s ghrelin-a satiety hormone that signals the brain that you are full. This helps keep off hunger making an individual able to resist cravings. According to some studies in Korea, the fatty acids present in pine nuts stop the accumulation of fats in the lower tummy. Almonds too have the same properties as pine nuts. They may be used as a substitute for pine nuts. Almonds contain a significant amount of proteins, vitamin E and other nutrients such as copper, phosphorous, riboflavin, and manganese that are unlikely to cause weight gain.


Taking an apple a day is enough to fight excess pounds. Apples are rich in pectin, which mixes with water and reduces the fat absorption rate of cells. Apples have fibers that give a person a feeling of being full. Again, research indicates that taking an apple, at least, an hour before a meal cuts the calories of the meal. Not only are apples good for keeping pounds at bay, but also have antioxidants that prevent metabolic syndrome. This syndrome commonly occurs at a later age in life or when one has a combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and pre-diabetes that mostly accompanies thickening around the waist.


The myths about eggs have changed in the recent past. It was believed that eggs have dangerous animal cholesterol, but in reality, eggs have been proven to be more nutritious compared to any other form of animal proteins. Eggs contain concentrated animal protein without the animal fat found in meat. Start off the day with eggs for all-day energy. When taken in moderation, they are good for those restricted from cholesterol. Further research shows that taking eggs every morning in addition to toasted bread and any other cereal helps in losing as much fat as taking carbs for breakfast.


Cinnamon may not be recognized as food but it is an excellent spice. It helps to burn fat and doesn’t add any calories. Cinnamon has a tremendous ability to help the body metabolize sugar making it a good choice for spicing needs particularly for those suffering from diabetes. ½ to two teaspoonfuls of cinnamon each day is sufficient for reducing blood sugar levels and cutting cholesterol up to 25%. The spice can be added to coffee or used as a flavoring for breakfast cereals.

Losing unnecessary fats has never been this easy. Using food to burn fat is the most affordable and easiest way to cut off the sagging fats that cause embarrassment. The increase in the intake of these foods saves the cost of attending gym sessions and provides enough time to focus on personal issues. In the end, what matters is cutting off the fat.