Time management and productivity are some of the essentials in today’s fast-moving world, as we all try to juggle the demands of family, work, personal lives, and overall well-being.

Big changes are always hard to make, but with some smaller tricks, life could become easier and time would be spent more productively. Here are five easy tips that can be incorporated into your daily routine to help you use your time and energy more wisely.

1. Switching from goals to systems

Switching your mindset from what you want to happen to what you will actually do for your goal to become reality will definitely make you more productive. You’ll be more likely to reach your goal if you translate your objective into measurable actions. For example, if you want to improve your company’s customer service, commit to working on this every day: call 2-3 customers every day and ask them about your services.

2. “Pain in the butt” technique

There’s no better way to stay away from temptations than making them harder to reach. The more effort an action requires, the less likely you are to do it. This can be applied to your health habits or to your work flow. If you want to lower your soda consumption, keep it in the fridge and keep a bottle of water close by. Put your phone away when you’re trying to get things done or you want to focus on a particular task.

3. Maximize your most important tasks

Every person has certain methods that work better when it comes to getting tasks done. We can apply the 20/80 rule even when it comes to productivity. 20 percent of what you do brings you 80 percent of the revenue, so stick to that 20 percent and eliminate the extra things that are wasting your time.

4. Less time for key projects

This is really the case of the corporatist, who knows they spend around 9 hours at work every day and even if they can finish a project in less than that, they will take their time and fill the 9-hour workday with “work”. If you start setting tighter deadlines, you’ll start being more focused and motivated and get more things done.

5. Stop when things are going great

It’s better to pause a project when things are going well and you know what is bound to happen next. This way, you’ll be more excited to start working on that project again. If you stop when you’re stuck and think you’ll try again tomorrow, the next day you’ll most likely postpone working on it.