Summer is just around the corner, and if you’ve been taking a long winter break from exercising, it’s time to get your body ready for summer. Follow this list of five ways to get back in shape so you’ll be ready for the sun-filled days.

Eat More Protein

Those mashed potatoes over the holidays were excellent but all that starch doesn’t do much for your waistline. It’s time to focus on healthy recipes and eating protein, especially chicken, fish, and eggs. Protein fills you up and helps you become much leaner while you are working out. Healthy snacks can curb your appetite during the day, but make sure you balance your diet with a weight-loss plan.

Healthy food and nutrition are better than diet plans or diet food because you are aiming for a lifestyle change. A low-fat diet isn’t always the best food plan for your body as some fats are necessary for your body to maintain optimal health. Try to create healthy, protein-filled meal plans to follow throughout the week.

Lift Weights

Some people shy away from weightlifting because they don’t want to become Hulk-like. A major increase in muscle can happen if your goal is bodybuilding; otherwise, lifting weights will sculpt your body creating a leaner look. Weightlifting is a great option not only to lose weight but to reshape the body. Incorporate free weights into your routine for leaner results.

Avoid Alcohol

Mulled wine over the holidays was delicious and who doesn’t like a wee dram of whiskey now and then? Unfortunately, alcohol packs a wallop when it comes to calories. This is also good news because cutting out alcohol will help you drop pounds fast. If you can’t let go of your happy hour, stick to spirits which have a lower calorie count. You’ll see the biggest difference, however, by avoiding alcohol altogether.

Limit Dairy

The consumption of dairy is one of the most ubiquitous parts of the American diet, so much so that we don’t even think about our intake. Cut back your dairy consumption to lose some mid-section weight and use dairy alternatives if you struggle cutting back.


If you’ve been looking for the best all-body workout, swimming is a fantastic activity that gives you the best opportunity for an inclusive workout. If you have mobility issues, swimming is a good form of exercise. Swimming combines strength training and cardio. It’s also enjoyable, peaceful, and will give you the lean body you are looking for.

There are countless fad diets on the market right now looking to take advantage of your desire for a great summer body. However, it’s the long game that wins in the end; lifestyle changes will give you the best results over time. You’ll be able to enjoy life and get fit with a beach body that will be lean and healthy long past the summertime.