BoostedEnergyMany people turn to coffee, tea or energy drinks to keep them alert and active. Excessive fatigue is one of the most often reported health problems to affect modern humans, and despite an unprecedented access to stimulants and caffeine, the problem only seems to be getting worse. Decreased energy also seems to become more of a problem as a person ages. Their metabolism slows down and decreases in hormones often play a role in reduced energy.

The good news is that diet changes may be the key to unlocking your body’s natural energy production regardless of age. The following six types of food help to enhance metabolism, increase energy production and ward off the dreaded tired fog.

Lemon Water
Chronic mild dehydration is actually very common among people. Dehydration often leads to a feeling of fatigue and may also be associated with the various aches and pains you feel when you are tired. Dehydration can be rather insidious. Although thirst is certainly a sign of dehydration, it is possible to be mildly dehydrated without being thirsty.

Lemon water solves a variety of issues in one simple elixir. Obviously, it is good for hydration. Lemons also pack a hefty amount of energy enhancing nutrients including vitamin C and electrolytes. The taste is crisp and refreshing to give the body a mental jolt.

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate lovers can rejoice! There are many good reasons to eat dark chocolate for energy and overall health. Dark chocolate has a higher concentration of cocoa compared to other forms of chocolate. This gives it a much higher proportion of healthy antioxidants compared to fat and sugar. Chocolate also has a mild amount of natural caffeine to give you a boost without the overload provided by espresso or energy drinks.

Fresh Fruit or Fruit Juice
Fruits are good for energy in just about every way. First, fruits provide a stable boost to energy because they combine sugar with fiber. They are also packed with vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium that help your body create energy.

Fruit juices are an acceptable and easier alternative to whole fruit. The trick is be very selective with your juice. It is vital to choose only 100 percent juice drinks and avoid like the plague any drink that has added sugar, flavorings or colors. The very best juices are those that mix fruits and vegetables together, are not made from concentrate and are cold pressure processed instead of heat pasteurized. For the very best juice, make it yourself with a squeezer, juicing machine or blender. Since juice is metabolized faster than whole fruit, it may be a better source of quick energy.

This well-known spice is a staple in Indian dishes. It is well known for expanding blood vessels, resulting in a more energized feeling. It also helps muscles to work harder before fatiguing, so it’s a great idea of you have yard work of a building project ahead or plan to hit the gym. Many curry foods have cardamom blended with other spices. You could also try a nice cup of chai tea.

Asparagus and Dark Leafy Greens
Dark leafy vegetables are a key part of a healthy diet. They are also very good for helping your body produce energy. The key is the family of B vitamins. These vitamins are primarily what your body uses to create energy in your cells.

Nuts and Seeds
These protein packed nuggets are an excellent go-to snack that also provide great energy. Healthy protein aside, the energy secret to these foods is the Omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient has been shown in lab tests to result in increased metabolism. You can also get Omega-3 from olive oil and fish, but nuts and seeds are generally an easier choice.

Diet plays an incredible role in health. Rather than looking for the quick and ultimately unhealthy energy fix provided by caffeine drinks, you can eat these foods regularly to unlock your body’s natural energy. You’ll never have to worry about caffeine lows again.