As individuals begin to trek through the aging process, they notice that many of the functions that they once took for granted become much more difficult. Similarly, these disadvantages prevent them from exploring new opportunities while limiting their ability to partake in actions that they once held close to their heart. However, patients are given a set of techniques and tips that can slow down the aging process and help those individuals revive that spark that they experienced in their twenties and thirties.

Restoring Vitality and Vigor
Older patients often experience a dampening in their livelihood and a decreased motivation for actions that they once derived great pleasure from. This can range from something such as a walk or a hike, all the way to sexual desire and passion between their partner or loved one. Although this may seem like a normal course through life, these symptoms stem from a decrease in hormone production and regulation throughout the body.

Patients suffering with these issues, especially men, are advised to consume certain foods and supplements that allow them to access that youthful feeling again. Vitamins such as Zinc and Magnesium have been linked to Testosterone production in both men and women which increases energy both sexually and mentally. Moreover, eating a diet rich in healthy fats such as organic eggs, all natural peanut butter, coconut oil and fish can increase hormone production and elevate the spirits once more.

Stimulating the Mind
Another critical component in slowing down the aging process is engaging in mentally challenging activities and games. Developing a habit of playing chess, as an example, has been shown to increase memory and fight off early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is on account of the mental load that is being put on the individual and thus creating a stimulus response within the brain–forcing it to adapt. This adaptation keeps the mind youthful and quick during the every-day actions we become involved with.

Scientists are also finding that regular social interactions help patients fight off signs of old age throughout the years. In fact, many of the oldest individuals on the planet keep a small social circle whom they communicate with on a day-to-day basis. This social setting provides an array of benefits and helps people derive joy and adventure that would otherwise be lost if they were alone.

Quality Exercise and Rest

The biggest factor that plays into how people age is how active they stay throughout the weeks and months. Science shows us, empirically, that people who take care of themselves from a fitness stand point seem to live longer, happier lives. This does not, however, mean that you need to head to the gym and perform hours of weightlifting and cardio. Fitness can come in the form of playing tennis, performing a round of gold, throwing a baseball, or simply taking a walk around the park. Not only are these actions enjoyable, but they promote muscle growth and eliminate toxins from the body.

Combined with exercise is the necessity for proper rest and recovery of the body. Sleep is mother nature’s natural cure-all when it comes to repairing damage that we experience within the internal components of the system. Getting to a deep level of sleep, often referred to as Rapid Eye Movement (REM), allows for the release of essential growth hormones that repair tissue and create new cells within the body. Using a natural sleep aid, like Melatonin, helps patients reach a deep level of rest that otherwise would be hard to reach. Doing this will ensure adequate recovery.