Dr Lars Boman

Dr. Lars Boman

At Cenegenics Boston I am privileged to partner with highly motivated patients who are ready to change how they live life today and their entire future using the tools of this new medicine – proactive, preventative and restorative Age Management Medicine. In 2008 I said, “I practiced the disease-oriented approach — traditional, hospital-based American Medicine — for over 20 years and I saw the rise of breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity incidence to epidemic levels. My goal is to promote the practice of proactive, preventative medicine to maximize current health and reduce the risk of future illnesses, using the best current scientific methods in a systematic and supportive plan.” I enjoy the detailed science of what I do. I enjoy even more making a connection that matters, and a big impact that will last for years. I enjoy witnessing the remarkable success our patients can achieve.

In 2007 my life changed, and my primary care doctor said to me, “You’re getting older, get used to it.” That’s when I started to unlearn everything I believed before. The medical research is there and the studies have shown our health can be much better if we take action now and learn what is needed to improve our metabolism and let our body restore itself. I can honestly say I am healthier today than I would have been had I continued without making significant changes, and I do not have the conditions and diseases that seemed inevitable. I am also much healthier than my doctor who spoke to me in 2007 (then Chief of the Medical Staff of a major hospital system). The science is clear – I think most people realize there are better options for us to control how we will age and to live life well much longer.

In 2008 I completed Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine, jointly sponsored by Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation (CERF) and the Foundation for Care Management, and I completed Cenegenics Fellowship Training in Age Management Medicine. I then worked as an Institute Physician at Cenegenics Medical Institute Las Vegas, the Cenegenics Corporate Headquarters. In 2011, I founded Cenegenics-Boston to provide this very unique medical service in New England. I came to Cenegenics as a patient myself when there were just five centers; there are now 22 centers nationwide with more scheduled to open. The Elite Health Program works – I have felt all the symptoms you have, I know what is easy and what is hard and I have achieved the same results you want.

As a Cenegenics Partner, I meet quarterly with my colleagues to improve the success of the Cenegenics Program. Age Management Medicine is rapidly developing as new studies are released. I am currently working with a select group of my partners to expand the Women’s Elite Health Program, and to review our Pharmacy Formulary. My partner physicians and I continuously learn and share via monthly web conferences including Grand Rounds, Advanced Topics in Age Management Medicine, and Journal Club literature review.

Previously I have been Board Certified in General Surgery by the American College of Surgeons, 1983-2013. My surgical career spanned over 25 years, the majority in private practice General Surgery in Massachusetts, including abdominal surgery, critical care, trauma, breast and colon cancer, and advanced laparoscopic surgery. Expertise including advanced laparoscopy for general surgery, including colon, esophageal and hernia surgery. Certified in Advanced Aesthetics by Allergen, and certified in Laser Aesthetics. I collaborated in establishing the Esophageal Testing Center for a major hospital system in SouthCoast Massachusetts and laid the foundation for a bariatric surgery center, including team recruitment and training, and team training in Lap-Band Surgery. I continue to maintain my hospital privileges for consultations. Aside from my medical practice, I launched a Med-Spa with a Wellness Program (the origins of my discovery of the new medicine of the 21st century). I have been a longstanding hospital contributor volunteering my time throughout my medical career to committees supervising nutrition services, cancer care, physician credentialing, pain management and blood product usage.

I earned a B.A. in Biochemistry at Vassar College cum laude, and I received my M.D. at SUNY/Buffalo Medical School with a special interest in nutrition and cardiac physiology. I was appointed Chief Resident at SUNY Buffalo/Millard Fillmore Hospitals, where I completed a five-year General Surgery residency with special concentration in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. I always enjoyed surgery; I was the one they called to fix the problem, like a hero to the rescue. When everyone else was anxious, I was confident. I like what I do now even more – I help my patients fix the symptoms of bad health and they then feel confident and optimistic about the years ahead. I truly enjoy hearing, “Everything is working – I feel so much better!” You deserve this. You want to feel great again. Let’s get this done together and enjoy the years ahead.

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Dr Mehdi Sattari

Dr. Mehdi Sattari

Center Physician – Cenegenics Boston

I am pleased to be part of the Cenegenics Boston team as a Center Physician, Certified in Age Management Medicine. During my medical career as a Board Certified Emergency Physician and CEO of an urgent care corporation, I have had the pleasure of caring for many patients in a variety of situations. The most rewarding moments have been truly helping someone to fully overcome their ailments.

But over time I saw how many of so my patients were suffering from the effects of what is seen in traditional medicine as unavoidable problems of growing older. For example, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and low thyroid. Meanwhile, I was experiencing a subtle but noticeable decline in my own health as I struggled through a fog of fatigue to meet my own life/work obligations.

It seemed like no matter what I tried, I was caught in the same predicament. My body failed to respond the way it did in my 20’s and early 30’s. This would lead me to look outside the conventional thinking and I was fortunate to come to Cenegenics, for my own health and professional advancement. During my training and as a patient in the program I have discovered that one doesn’t have to accept the decline of health with advancing years. I have restored my own equilibrium as I have learned to help others in the same journey. Cenegenics patients find that they can regain their vigor and joy with tremendous energy. They find new vitality for their life and work. It is my great pleasure to serve motivated and intelligent patients at the Cenegenics Boston. I cherish the opportunity to help others balance their life, health and well-being in a systematic, science-based and achievable way.

Kate Saners

Kate Sanders, M.S. ACSM HFS

Nutrition and Exercise Counselor – Cenegenics Boston

I am excited on a daily basis to receive calls and emails from our Cenegenics patients who are thrilled with what they have achieved and are looking for the next step solutions that I can support. I know Cenegenics science is real, and I know Cenegenics was the right professional choice for me.

A special interest in lifestyle and preventive approaches to medicine led me to pursue study in exercise physiology. I was raised in southern California, where I began to challenge the definition of “health” and the path to achieve it. I decided to pursue study in kinesiology at the University of Maryland, College Park where my focus on cardiovascular disease and exercise and public health included hands-on experience with study subjects who effectively controlled blood pressure and diabetes through exercise. This served as a shining example of the power of lifestyle in modulating disease symptoms.

Encouraged to do my own research after earning my B.S., I enrolled as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Connecticut, and researched human performance and the biological and physical benefits of exercise as both prevention and treatment of disease. My M.S. thesis specifically explored the vascular health of overweight postmenopausal women who exercised versus those who did not exercise, independent of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use. Most of the study subjects questioned the safety of conventional HRT, which was appreciable at the time due to a couple of controversial study outcomes. At that time I knew there must be a way to reconcile balancing hormones with promoting health and not putting it at risk. I realized that women could benefit substantially more from their exercise efforts and with a balanced body, so I began studying bioidentical HRT.

Upon graduating from UConn in 2008, my career took me to a Fortune 100 company as a Corporate Fitness Manager. During my tenure, I discovered that despite collaborative efforts to boost exercise participation and adherence to the FDA Food Pyramid and Heart Healthy nutrition guidelines, I remained surrounded by thousands of men and women who struggled, often unsuccessfully, to reach a healthy body weight, and even to stay awake at work. I knew there had to be a comprehensive approach to health that actually made sense and produced results.

In the Fall of 2011, I began my training with Cenegenics and at that time, my reading, research, and experiences all came full circle. Here was a medical team that was not afraid to say what I had long suspected – the standard approach to “health” was just not working. Our team of physicians and highly trained exercise and nutrition counselors nationwide exemplify a dynamic network of various backgrounds and specializations working toward a common goal – our patients’ attainment of measurable and unquestionable health. I am proud to say that I receive e-mails and calls daily from patients sharing healthy milestones. They share stories of renewed vigor and energy, mental clarity, better sleep, and weight management. Our patients experience real results – what I am proud to define as “health.” The stories could speak for themselves, but they are confirmed by our follow-up labs and diagnostics revealing increases in cardiorespiratory fitness, loss of fat and gain of muscle, marked improvements in blood markers, and so much more. I am now convinced Cenegenics Elite Health customized with a balanced approach of preventive and restorative medicine not only defines health but upholds it to a higher standard – optimum quality of life regardless of age.

Outside the office, I enjoy cooking up new ideas to share with family, friends, and patients, playing with my ageless dog, training for road races, boating in the summer, and skiing on two left feet in the winter.

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Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna, BS, TPI Cert, ACSM

Nutrition and Exercise Counselor – Cenegenics Boston

My passion for health and fitness began when I underwent my own body transformation back in the summer of 2008. I was tired of being overweight and unhappy with my body so I began reading fitness magazines, implementing what I learned, and immediately fell in love with exercise. Within four months I had lost a significant amount of weight and body fat. It was a major accomplishment in my life, and not only did I feel and look great, but my thinking and mental clarity significantly improved.

This life changing experience motivated me to pursue my degree in Exercise and Health Science from the University of Massachusetts Boston. After becoming certified with the American College of Sports Medicine and while still in school I began my personal training career in Boston’s Financial District May 2010. I’ve trained hundreds of clients and have conducted thousands of one on one personal training sessions as well as small group and boot camps helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. I have the skill and the experience to create a wide range of specific programs whether for elite athletes or novices looking to improve flexibility, core strength, overall conditioning or to meet specific goals. I also specialize in post-rehab/physical therapy training.

My love for the game of golf drove me to become certified through the Titleist Performance Institute in March 2012. TPI is recognized as the leader in elite, amateur, and junior player development, leading the world in research and data on golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics.

I have always believed that the best way to treat morbid disease was through proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modification, not medicating symptoms and managing diseases like traditional medicine. I’ve seen the dramatic results the Cenegenics approach has on patients’ lives and couldn’t be happier to be part of a team that is proactive, not reactive, when it comes to medical evaluation and intervention. I strongly believe that Cenegenics is and should be the gold standard of age management medicine; in fact, the Program should be the standard for how to live an optimally healthy life.

Redina Jano

Service Coordinator

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