Drum roll please . . .


Not to say every meal should be one or that they are okay daily. But if your diet is pretty regimented it can help break the plateau. It can also shake off stress that comes from dieting and who doesn’t want that?
Plus, did you know that chat meals could also strengthen willpower? That’s because they allow you time to rest and restore, reducing the chance that you will fall off the wagon in a bigger way.

They can also relieve stress, including the emotional kind. So long as you don’t think eating foods will force a relapse or that you will overeat, you can rest assured that it won’t cause you to fall off the wagon. Some research shows it can actually keep you on track.

You may also find that cheat meals keep you away from craving junk foods regularly. When you eat healthy for a while, you many find that the idea of what tastes good changes. For example, added sugars and processed foods could lose their appeal completely. Or you may notice that you can only eat a small quantity before you are full. When you reintroduce unhealthy foods, your body may recognize them as toxic.

Most importantly, pay attention to how you feel and if you do decide to have a cheat meal or two, enjoy it and don’t let guilt come into play.