Always wanted that quality exercise routine built into your schedule, but do not know how to start? Many individuals find integrating exercise can be tough, what with the daily commute, family commitments, and work responsibilities.

Here are some easy suggestions about when and how to burn those extra calories easily:

1. Think outside of the box when it comes to transportation.

In the early morning and evening, millions of Americans across the country pile into 200+ horsepower metal boxes to transport themselves a mere 5-10 miles to and from their home. This is an extraordinary waste of energy (whether you are using a hybrid, electric, or gasoline motor, it still is wasting energy).

Imagine using 200 horses to pull yourself in a cart every day, and you will get an idea of the thermodynamic waste involved. In the morning, if your commute is shorter than 30 minutes, use Google Maps to plot out an easy biking or walking route to your workplace. Bring baby wipes to mop up sweat in the bathroom once you get to work. Many workplaces even provide showers.

Wake up 1 hour early, or ask for a change in your schedule. Commute naturally to work in the morning and evening, and watch how your mood and your health improves because you are not dealing with as much traffic. Your coworkers will wonder why you are always so cheery.

2. Exercise when you feel the most energy.

If you are a morning person, wake up early, and get it done. You will feel like you accomplished something even before you get to work. If you are a evening person, take a good walk with your mate after work. Your relationship will improve, and so will your health.

Try yoga class, with a set time to do it each week. This will give you the feeling of accomplishment that you want to have. Understand your blood type, and how that relates to what type of exercise and diet you should have. Go here for more info:

3. Be flexible with time.

Chat with your supervisor about an easier schedule. They should not really care about when you get work done, as much as that you get it done. Cultures in Latin America have a far more lax view to timekeeping then the U.S., and this explains why people in the U.S. are one of the most stressed and unhealthy groups on earth.

If your managers are being particular, look for a job that is not so particular. Your health is far more important than salary. What is the point of having a high salary if you have to spend it on medical bills as you age because of the toll the high salary job took on your health?

These are just a few suggestions for the best time of day to work out. The bottom line is do it when it’s the best time for YOU.