5 Benefits of Practicing Meditation and Mindfulness 

Taking great care of one’s mental and emotional well-being is a significant topic for all age groups, yet the importance becomes more apparent as one leaves behind the first few, busy decades of life. Practicing meditation and mindfulness have amazi

The Benefits of Drinking Water

You would probably not be surprised if you read that blood serves a critical role in maintaining our body’s systems. It supplies oxygen and nutrients to cells, regulates the body’s hormone balance, allows us to eliminate waste, and maintains body te

Habits that Minimize or Eliminate Stress & Anxiety

Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from stress and anxiety, leaving them susceptible to an array of health problems, including those as severe as a heart attack. Individuals who are stressed make poor decisions, oftentimes miss life, and avoid other peopl

Summer Skincare: Protect Yourself from UV Rays

In the grand scheme of things, Boston is not one of the areas of the country where people are terribly worried about sunlight. Between the cold, snowy winters and relatively cool summers, people just don’t think about protection from the damage that

Sleep Deprivation and its Effects

Throughout a person’s lifetime, sleep patterns change. For example, infants need 16 to 20 hours of sleep, but teens and adults need far less: an average of 8 hours nightly. While some changes are normal, others can be problematic. Many people experience

Protein: How Much Do I Need?

Proteins are small molecules that are made up of amino acids. These are important building blocks that are necessary for healthy cells, strong connective tissue and muscles, making antibodies and enzymes, and more. Protein is a necessary source of energy

How to Get the Best Rest Possible

Sleep is essential. With a good night’s sleep people wake up refreshed and ready to get what they need to get done each day. Unfortunately, sleeping problems are common, particularly as people age. Lack of sleep can make it hard to concentrate. A pe

Organic, Natural, GMO-Free: What does it mean?

Food labeling is constantly being reviewed due to the ever-growing list of effects that additives and processing are having on health. Scientists are discovering that the food we eat, especially the western diet, is responsible for a myriad of conditions,

6 Tips To Sneak In a Workout On Vacation

Exercise is a key factor in managing stress, maintaining vitality, and staying young. Even though working out on vacation isn’t always easy, getting in a workout while traveling or visiting a relative doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether it i

Zinc Deficiency: Signs and Symptoms

Zinc is a particularly important trace element in the body. Sufficient amounts are needed for supporting the processes of various body systems. It is greatly beneficial to a healthy immune system and most frequently associated with avoiding or reducing th