7 Rules to Live a Healthy Life

You already know the basics of living a healthy life: eat a healthy diet, avoid sugary foods, drink water, exercise, and get plenty of rest. Yet, there are many other factors that can prolong the longevity of your life. Treating your body and mind well wi

What Your Nails Are Telling You About Your Health

Most people don’t realize that nails serve as an important window into general health. The state of your nails can reveal what stress or infections your body may be fighting. Pay attention to your nails so you don’t miss any important health clues

How to Cope with Three Common Health Risks This Christmas

Christmas and the New Year are traditionally times where people feel happy and close to their friends and family, but December can also pose health risks. However, it’s not just the risk of overeating that can be dangerous. The holidays can also exa

3 Tips to Set Wellness Goals for 2018

December has officially arrived, and that means it’s time to start thinking about 2018 resolutions. The start of a new year is the perfect time to set some wellness goals and work on changing less-than-healthy habits. But resolutions have gotten som

How Stress Causes Weight Gain

Maintaining healthy eating habits when under stress can be a difficult task for most people. Whether a person eats to fill an emotional need or other needs, one thing is for sure: a stressful life is rarely healthy. Because not every weight gain results f

What is a Resting Metabolic Rate?

Metabolism plays a vital role in any health and fitness program. Among the many factors that affect health, it is essential to understand how the resting metabolic rate affects fitness and weight loss. Metabolism encompasses all the chemical processes tha

Skin Care as It Gets Cold

After weeks of hot and humid weather, the autumn and winter months usher in a time of cooler, dryer air that affects skin’s moisture. Depending on various factors, the skin could become quite dry. If one does not moisturize and take other steps to preve

Should I Be Worried My Libido Is Low?

Libido, also known as your sex drive, can be a tricky subject for both men and women of all ages. Many people get concerned when their libido is low. Is the concern really necessary, though? Many people experience low libido in their lives, and this can b

Can positivity really help us live longer?

The question of whether or not positive thinking can really help people live longer was once just a theory. In recent years, however, studies have proven that feelings of positivity really can affect our lives, increasing longevity and making us feel happ