Should I Be Worried My Libido Is Low?

Libido, also known as your sex drive, can be a tricky subject for both men and women of all ages. Many people get concerned when their libido is low. Is the concern really necessary, though? Many people experience low libido in their lives, and this can b

Can positivity really help us live longer?

The question of whether or not positive thinking can really help people live longer was once just a theory. In recent years, however, studies have proven that feelings of positivity really can affect our lives, increasing longevity and making us feel happ

The Importance of Buying Quality Vitamins

Taking a daily vitamin is a simple task; choosing a high-quality one may not be. Since the supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA and quality standards vary between manufacturers, not all vitamins on the market are created equal. This can have se

7 Foods That Keep You Young

Did you know that just eating can help keep you young? Consuming a nutritious diet of natural, whole foods can extend your life and keep you feeling young and spry well after retirement. Keep reading for the top seven anti-aging foods you should add to y

Does It Matter How Long I Workout?

Time-caps or minimum amounts of minutes spent exercising do not enrich or determine the quality of workouts. Recall the ages-old emphasis on quality over quantity. With workouts, size and length don’t matter at all. Technique, focus, intensity, prop

9 Ways to Improve Concentration

Do you ever feel like you just can’t focus on anything? Everybody feels foggy from time to time, but if you feel mentally fatigued more often than not, you might find it next to impossible to concentrate on important day-to-day tasks. There’s

Six Foods That Will Reduce Body Inflammation

When someone suffers from body inflammation, it’s important for them to change their daily diet. Certain foods are designed for reducing the discomfort in body tissues or to eliminate sinus congestion. These are some of the best foods to eat to redu

Weight Training for Weight Loss

The health and fitness world is filled with myths and misconceptions, and no topic demonstrates this more than weight training. Common perception holds that lifting weights is the domain of young, fit men looking to bulk up and add mass to their physique

5 Benefits of Practicing Meditation and Mindfulness 

Taking great care of one’s mental and emotional well-being is a significant topic for all age groups, yet the importance becomes more apparent as one leaves behind the first few, busy decades of life. Practicing meditation and mindfulness have amazi