Organic, Natural, GMO-Free: What does it mean?

Food labeling is constantly being reviewed due to the ever-growing list of effects that additives and processing are having on health. Scientists are discovering that the food we eat, especially the western diet, is responsible for a myriad of conditions,

6 Tips To Sneak In a Workout On Vacation

Exercise is a key factor in managing stress, maintaining vitality, and staying young. Even though working out on vacation isn’t always easy, getting in a workout while traveling or visiting a relative doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether it i

Zinc Deficiency: Signs and Symptoms

Zinc is a particularly important trace element in the body. Sufficient amounts are needed for supporting the processes of various body systems. It is greatly beneficial to a healthy immune system and most frequently associated with avoiding or reducing th

Osteoporosis: The Facts

Bones develop long before birth. By 15 weeks, the skeleton is rapidly hardening. However, even though a newborn has a complete set of bones, much of the skeletal structure is made up of cartilage. As the child grows, hard bone replaces the flexible subst

15 Foods that Help Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that plagues a lot of Americans between 40 and 60 years old. While it may seem as if expensive medicines are the only option, a proper diet can easily help restore a healthy blood pressure. Fifteen of the best foods for lo

10 Things Nobody Tells You about Aging

As you head into your late 40s you may start notice physical and mental changes that you hadn’t expected. As you continue to age, you’ll continue to discover changes you weren’t prepared for. Aging gracefully is what everyone aspires to do. Yet, as

Heart Health: What You Need to Know as You Age

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One in every four deaths in the country is due to heart disease, which proves what a serious disease it is. As a person ages, their heart becomes more and more susceptible to diseases and p

Health Benefits of Using Oils for Skincare

There are so many health benefits of using essential oils particularly for the skin! It is important to realize that not all oils are the same and different oils will affect your skin in different ways. Reducing wrinkles and treating dry skin are two grea

How to Detoxify Your Body Safely at Any Age

Detox has become a buzz word in many health circles. Its popularity has led to a rise in products and procedures designed to cleanse toxins from the body, restore health, improve energy and digestion and ward off disease. It is true that detox can accompl

UNPLUG: Unwinding From a Stressful Day

Have you ever had a day where things just didn’t come together as you had planned? Perhaps some of your colleagues called in sick with a giant deadline looming. Or, your car battery died as you were heading out for an important appointment. Maybe your h