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Cenegenics Nutrition Coaching

Now that you have your data, let’s get you RESULTS!

We also recognize that people have different health and fitness goals. So whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, lose fat, perform better in the gym or just be healthy, we’ll tailor your meal plan relative to your physical activity levels and health goals.

With plans starting as low as $20 a month, this program is a no brainer. No contracts, no initiation fees. If it’s not working for you, no problem, you can cancel anytime.

Pricing: Basic Plan $20/Month Deluxe Plan $50/month Premium Plan $99/Month

DEXA Body Composition Scan

This is a full body GE DEXA Scan, which includes body fat%, muscle mass and fat mass all regions of the body and includes Bone Density, age-match body fat percentile scores as well as T and Z scores.

Pricing: 1  – $175 | 2 – $300 | 4 – $500 | 10 – $990 | DEXA + VO2 Max – $300 | DEXA + RMR – $250

• Do NOT come in dehydrated
• You do NOT need to fast for a DEXA scan

Note: Packages of 1, 2, and 4 are per person only. Packages of 10 or more can be split. Feel free to contact the office for questions regarding packages.

VO2 Max Test

This is a maximal effort test which typically lasts between 8-12 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down. The test will be performed on an exercise bike.

Pricing: $150

• Limit your activity before your visit (no exercise!)
• Wear (or bring) workout clothes and athletic shoes
• This test is done on an exercise bike (10-15 minutes at the most)

RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate Test

The purpose of this test is to measure how many calories you burn at rest, doing nothing more than sitting in a chair.

Pricing: $99

• You must FAST for a minimum 12 of hours (only drink water)
• Limit your activity beforehand (no exercise)
• Refrain from taking any caffeine or stimulants the day of your test

Pumped Performance Evaluation

Cenegenics® PUMPED Performance Evaluation is a Cenegenics Boston elite lifestyle and fitness non-physician program designed to help you maximize your health, body composition, and quality of life.

Pricing: $500

• You must FAST for a minimum 12 of hours (only drink water)
• You will complete Health and Lifestyle documents sent to you prior to the test date.
• You will be completing a DEXA Scan. (Please refer to the DEXA protocols at the top of this page)
• You will be completing a VO2 Max Test. (Please refer to the VO2 Max protocols at the top of this page)