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DEXA Body Composition Scan

This is a full body GE DEXA Scan, which includes body fat%, muscle mass and fat mass all regions of the body and includes Bone Density, age-match body fat percentile scores as well as T and Z scores.

Pricing: 1  – $175 | 2 – $300 | 4 – $500 | 10 – $990 | DEXA + VO2 Max – $300 | DEXA + RMR – $250

• Do NOT come in dehydrated
• You do NOT need to fast for a DEXA scan

Note: Packages of 1, 2, and 4 are per person only. Packages of 10 or more can be split. Feel free to contact the office for questions regarding packages.

VO2 Max Test

This is a maximal effort test which typically lasts between 8-12 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down. The test will be performed on an exercise bike.

Pricing: $150

• Limit your activity before your visit (no exercise!)
• Wear (or bring) workout clothes and athletic shoes
• This test is done on an exercise bike (10-15 minutes at the most)

RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate Test

The purpose of this test is to measure how many calories you burn at rest, doing nothing more than sitting in a chair.

Pricing: $99

• You must FAST for a minimum 12 of hours (only drink water)
• Limit your activity beforehand (no exercise)
• Refrain from taking any caffeine or stimulants the day of your test

Pumped Performance Evaluation

Cenegenics® PUMPED Performance Evaluation is a Cenegenics Boston elite lifestyle and fitness non-physician program designed to help you maximize your health, body composition, and quality of life.

Pricing: $500

• You must FAST for a minimum 12 of hours (only drink water)
• You will complete Health and Lifestyle documents sent to you prior to the test date.
• You will be completing a DEXA Scan. (Please refer to the DEXA protocols at the top of this page)
• You will be completing a VO2 Max Test. (Please refer to the VO2 Max protocols at the top of this page)