Burst training, also known as High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, involves engaging in small moments of high intensity aerobic exercise, followed by a lower intensity period of recovery.

Burst training is commonly associated with top tier endurance athletes, but it’s a form of training that can be used by anyone, regardless of fitness level. It’s also convenient because it manages to condense an effective workout into short sessions that are thirty minutes or less.

Beauty and Fitness

Many people embark on a weight-loss journey with the intentions of changing the number on a scale, but the reality is that the composition of one’s body is more important than any number. A person can actually have a normal body weight with a body fat percentage that is too high, putting them at risk for heart disease, diabetes and other health adversities.

Burst training provides a means to tackle health concerns while also helping the mind and body look and feel more radiant. It is highly effective in increasing muscle mass and efficiency while burning fat at the same time. Interval training creates the perfect storm for fitness and weight loss goals because it challenges the body at a core level.

Essentially, interval training forces the body to push past boundaries so that it can grow, heal and become stronger when you’re not working out. Steady state exercise can be very helpful for cardiovascular health, but it doesn’t encourage the body to change as distinctly or as rapidly. Without putting stress on the body, it will never change, so it’s important that an exercise routine is challenging yet safe.

Low Impact Options

One doesn’t have to engage in sprints and jump rope marathons to get a good physique, and it’s especially important that people over the age of forty are cognizant of any physical barriers they may have to encounter when creating a new exercise routine.

It’s recommended to talk to a doctor before racking up the intensity of exercise, especially when one is used to living a sedentary life style. It’s always possible to modify a workout, and the beauty of burst training is that it can be utilized with almost any form of activity at any duration or intensity level. It’s completely malleable to an individual’s needs.

Low impact burst training for those with weak knees could involve swimming, cycling, stair climbing or even using a fitness hula hoop. When using stairs, climbing up would be the high-intensity portion, and going down would be the recovery period. Repeating this for several “sets” is a good option for anyone who wants to gradually increase their endurance while toning and strengthening key leg muscles. Similarly, walking is another option. Combining intervals of fast walking with a slower gait can help the body adapt to longer periods of walking as well as other activities.


While a fountain of youth may be the work of fantasy and science fiction, there is truth in interval training being an effective deterrent to aging. In general, improving health is an excellent way to enhance the elasticity of skin to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, but burst training can have unique effects.

Studies have shown that even low-volume burst training can spur mitochondrial biogenesis, thereby positively altering the health and resiliency of cardiovascular, skeletal and muscular systems. Burst training has also been shown to increase the production of human growth hormone, which is widely thought to slow the effects of the aging process.

Ultimately, fitness and the preservation of health will require a commitment to movement and a nurturing diet that will sustain body systems into one’s twilight years. As long as people remain dedicated to living life to its fullest, being fit, happy and beautiful is possible at any age.


Why Burst Training is Your Best Fat-Burning Workout