This is a special gift guide for all the men on our program at Cenegenics Boston. Men: Send this to your loved ones so they know what to get you for Fathers Day. Include this note:

Dear Family:

Here is a list of ideas for what to get me for Fathers Day (June 21, 2015) that will support me in my new healthier way of life! Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness.

Grill Basket

I like to grill. And now I like to grill even more because I am trying to eat clean. Get me a grill basket so I can make grilled vegetables, shrimp, chicken, and more. Like this one:


Activity Monitor/FitBit

Now that I am working out regularly, a great way to track my progress and results would be a FitBit. Like this one:


Organic Shave Set

I am all into organic personal hygiene products now. Working this hard on getting the toxins out of my body means I do not want to have any unnecessary ones entering back in through my skin. I’d love this:


Man Crate

Of course, I still like to have fun. Get me a Man Crate and I will be forever grateful. Like this one (The Golfer’s Crate):


A final note:

If you know someone not yet enrolled in the Cenegenics program but think they would be a great candidate, get them a gift that will truly keep on giving:


VO2 Max Testing

Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention

Happy Fathers Day!!