Exercise Program

elite healthe exercise programThe Cenegenics Boston Exercise Program is designed to complement and enhance your comprehensive program of hormonal therapy, nutrition, and medical care.

The program is purposeful in design. Our approach aims to help improve cardiovascular health, control blood sugar levels, and achieve optimal body composition. Additionally, our program is built to increase lean muscle, metabolism, energy levels, and hormone production.

While each patient’s program is individually tailored with goals and health history in mind, there are four common primary components:

  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Resistance Training
  • Core Training
  • Flexibility and Balance Training

Our Nutrition and Exercise Counselor conducts extensive diagnostic testing and physical function analyses with each patient. All results are used to create individualized programming.

We continually work side-by-side with you and offer on-going support to ensure your success.

Personal Trainers

As the President and Founder of Satin Wellness since 1991, our clients have tried many options to transform their bodies. As an in-home Personal Training company with 15 Wellness Specialists on the East Coast, we specialize in working with people over 50 and our clients come to us with a myriad of physical issues. Many have had long term injuries and many looking to lose weight.

We work with many service providers in our network to assist our clients. From Wealth Managers to Real Estate Advisors, Massage Therapists as well as Registered Nutritionists.

One of the most stubborn issues our clients have is losing weight and gaining muscle which are of critical importance, especially for those over 50.

In our search for the best providers to assist our clients we stumbled onto the best fix and that is Cenegenics in Boston, MA and their Anti-Aging Physician Dr. Lars Boman and Exercise Physiologist Mark McKenna. The Elite Evaluation they recommended is the most comprehensive that I know of to show our clients where their health needs to be improved, and adding testosterone and other hormone replacement treatments for deficiencies produces incredible results.

Dr. Boman is an expert on anti aging, and what person over 50 does not want to turn back the hands of time? Dr. Boman and Mr. McKenna have figured out the best way to not only “turn the hands back” but also help with significant fat loss and increased muscle, more than we’ve ever seen! Our clients that use Cenegenics have seen amazing results. They look and feel like they did when they were young. Seeing weight loss is so important for these clients and

the additional muscle gain helps keep them on track for the long term.

If you’re stuck looking for results, Dr. Boman, Mark McKenna and Cenegenics is the best way to get results fast. I’m truly impressed!

Thank you for all you’re doing for our clients!

Steve Satin, President and Founder, Satin Wellness

Satin Wellness