More and more research is surfing about the adverse health effects of sitting all day. Which is why we are challenging you to get up and move from your work desk or try these exercises at your desk during the workday.


If you don’t mind drawing a little attention, or you have a break to leave the office, you can do lunges anywhere. Take a long step forward and bend your front knee while you push your other knee towards the ground, being careful not to let your chest go out past your knee (as this is bad for the joints). You can do these while walking, or standing in one place, and can also do them side to side for core and leg strengthening.

Desk Push-ups

This one may also draw attention, but they are easier then regular pushups and can easily be done at your desk. Put your hands on the edge of the desk, and move your legs back behind you so you are at an angle to your desk (rather than straight up and down). Proceed to do pushups, bringing your chest down towards the edge of your desk and then pushing away. Do this until it is too hard to push back up, or until your desk slides out from under you.

Wall Sits –

Where there’s a wall, there’s a way. Find a flat wall, put your back against it, and slide down until your legs are nearly at 90-degree angle, bending at the knees. Hold it for as long as you can, as your legs will start to burn immensely. This is a very good endurance/toning exercise for the legs. Just make sure no one mistakes you for his or her chair.

Shoulder, neck, wrist and ankle stretches –

You can easily do all 4 of these while sitting at your desk. Hold your or ankle or wrist out, twisting them in circles for however long you can stand it. Tilt your neck to one side for 10 seconds, then the other side. Roll your shoulders in a constant movement, and then reverse. Or hold them as far forward or backwards as long as you can. All of these help loosen your muscles while at work, and can help tone if done in long intervals.

Use Your Water Bottle

With a decent size water bottle (full of course) you can do all kinds of exercise you would normally do with dumbbells. Bicep curls and tricep extensions, arm raises both forwards and to the side, or any other variations you would normally do. You might look goofy dancing with your water bottle, but that boring old office needed some spice anyway. Just make sure the lid is on tight before you go waving your water bottle around all that expensive technology.