At times, eating healthy can seem like an impossible task. Busy schedules with work, family, and other activities may have you grabbing whatever is easiest and quickest to eat. But that quick meal often doesn’t have much nutritional value. Plus, if you have dietary needs, such as food allergies, or a health goal you’re trying to maintain (e.g., lowering your cholesterol, weight loss), it can be overwhelming to maintain a healthy diet.

You don’t need to feel stuck with your eating habits. With just a little prep, you can eat healthy for each meal without stress. Here are a few easy ways make healthy meals an everyday part of your life.

Meal Preparation Is Key

You may feel busy in your life but making time for a healthy diet is imperative for aging well and preventing disease. Meal planning is an important piece to maintaining a healthy diet throughout the week.

One meal plan method is to prepare all your meals for the week on Sunday. You can also make meals you can freeze ahead of time. By taking out the guesswork of what to eat for every meal (including healthy snacks), you can grab these convenient meals while you’re on the go.

Lavish Time and Attention Upon Your Fruit and Veggies

Even as an adult, you may still put fruit and vegetables at the bottom of your grocery list! Yet, vegetables are packed full of nutrients that will keep you full longer.

RealSimple suggests “dipping brussels sprouts in Dijon mustard or sautéing spinach, collards, or Swiss chard with garlic or bacon.”

If you’re short on time, grab a packet of mini carrots or carton of blueberries to snack on throughout the day.

Banish Junk Food

You know what your weaknesses are: potato chips, cookies, ice cream, or candy! Go through your cupboards and throw out any tempting foods. If you don’t see it, your temptation to indulge will drastically decrease.

Watch What You Drink

Empty calories are all too easy to consume in drink form and can even show up in your morning coffee indulgence, smoothie run, or happy hour celebration. Stick to water as much as you can—add fruits and vegetables to your water to naturally add flavor.

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