Let’s get something straight. Whether you enjoy it or not, working out is well, work. You can do it at home, in your neighborhood, at the gym, in nature, or even while on vacation (not recommended). But let’s face it, to really reap the benefits, you’re going to have to work. And what better time to actually work than at your job. Here are 5 ways you can combine work with working out, killing two of those nasty birds with one big, buff, stone.

Under-the-desk leg toners

While seated at your desk, extend your legs one at a time. Keeping your abs tight, hold one leg out in front of you for ten seconds (or longer if you’d like). Switch legs, and repeat 10 times for each leg. Once you’ve had enough of this, you can extend both legs and scissor them back and forth, alternating which leg goes on top. Just make sure you’re working on multi-tasking as well, and keep typing!

exercise ball at deskReplace your chair with an exercise ball

Instead of your normal office chair, buy one of those inflatable exercise balls. Sit on it, while at your desk, half of the day, all day, every day – however long you choose. It will increase your balance, tone your abs and legs, and de-stress your lower back. Then when your boss walks by, you can smile proudly – and imagine how satisfying it would be to volley it directly into his or her sternum.

Calf raises

Whether you are taking a break, talking on the phone, or conversing with a coworker, you can always do calf-raises. Stand flat-footed with one leg raised off of the ground, putting your hands on the back of your chair (for balance). Raise up onto your toes, hold it for a second or two, and release back to flat-footed. Do sets of 10-20 on each leg until you can really feel the burn, remembering to strut your stuff all the way to the water fountain when you are done.

Seated stomach crunches

This one is very simple, unlike your job. While sitting at your desk with your back straight, lift your knees off of the chair and your feet off of the ground, holding them there until your abs can’t take anymore. Do this as often as you’d like for an easy toning exercise, or until the toner in the office printer runs out and you’re the one who has to change it.

Don’t use the elevator

Use the stairs instead. Rather than going to the bathroom down the hall, climb a few flights of stairs. It is a subtle workout, and since most people use the elevator, the stairs are usually empty. To spice it up, set aside some time to run the stairs, or do calf raises on each one. You’ll be surprised at how well (no pun intended) it can tone your legs and core.