With smartphones, we now have a seemingly endless amount of information at our fingertips at any given time. Today, there’s an app for everything and everyone. These four apps can help keep you on track to live a healthy, vibrant life. All are available for both Android and iPhone.


This app is a great tool to help you get active. It’s a monthly membership that lets you sample fitness classes in your area. ClassPass partners with great yoga, pilates, and other studios in your area. As a member, you’re able to try out classes.

ClassPass will help you find a workout routine that you love or add some much-needed variety into your routine. In recent years, the concept of muscle confusion has come to the forefront in the world of fitness. When you add variety to your workout routine, you get better results. ClassPass sells packages that allow you to try 3, 5, or 10 classes per month. With this app, you’ll be feeling stronger and better than ever!


Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow are big fans of this app, but so are plenty of people who are not in the spotlight. Mindfulness activities like meditation help you increase emotional regulation and enhance mental health. Headspace offers short meditations for busy lifestyles, SOS exercises that will help you calm down in a crisis, and themed meditations. Whether you’re trying to get to sleep, reduce stress, or prepare for a big interview, this app is a great way to clear your mind.


Developed for athletes, Lucid is a training app. It’s designed to help you increase your focus and reach your goals. Graham Betchart and George Mumford, arguably two of the best athletic coaches in the world, helped develop the app. Users of Lucid report that they feel more confident, focused, and ready for challenges. A great aspect of this app is its versatility. Lucid offers both physical workouts and mental training sessions. Though it’s designed for athletes, you’ll find that these benefits carry over into your life even if you’re not an athlete.


This app is one of the most popular in the fitness world, especially with endurance athletes. It allows you to track your activity and see new personal bests. You can even connect it to MyFitnessPal and view the impact of your activity on the calories you eat.

You also gain a community when you use Strava. You can also see where your friends are running and biking, plus it will gives you new locations for places to run, bike and be active.