The idea of goal setting might be considered outdated by some or just plain boring and ineffective by others. If the mere prospect of setting some fitness goals for yourself is currently enough to send you yawning back to your couch, you might find the motivation you need to get active in the story of Michael Bane’s list:

The List – How Hard Can It Be?

At the age of 40-something, Michael Bane considered himself to be an ordinary guy with ordinary couch-potato habits. Over a pitcher of beer with some friends, a list of extraordinarily adventurous sports was compiled – just for fun – but Michael then decided to set himself the goal of actually achieving every activity on “The List”.

The List – 13 Extreme and “Over the Edge” Sports

1. Windsurf Big Air

2. The Kamikaze Downhill Race

3. Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

4. White-water off a Waterfall

5. Rock Climb

6. Cave Dive

7. Ice Climb

8. Skydive

9. Skate Marathon

10. Dive Really Deep

11. Bad Water Death Valley Run

12. Iditarod Bike Race

13. Denali

Set Yourself Goals That Set You on Fire

In his book, “Over the Edge”, Michael describes his journey from occasional wind-surfer and non-swimmer to super-fit adventure sports athlete. He knew his journey was going to be a long one but the challenge of “The List” inspired him and he felt motivated to stick with it because he wanted to succeed.

It’s Always Easier to Do What You Want to Do, Not What You Have to Do

If goal setting leaves you uninspired on the couch, why not write out your own “list” of inspirational activities instead. They don’t need to be adventurous but they do need to excite you because, after all, the best way to get active is to get fired up about getting active!