Stand up paddle boarding is becoming the wave of the workout future. Known as SUP for short, the sport is perfect for those looking to change up their exercise routine, or simply take on a new hobby. For those looking at the sport with fitness in mind, here are some of the benefits this take on surfing offers:

1. Total body workout

Get ready to feel every muscle work! Your core, legs and arms will be activated by working to keep you upright on the board and also while paddling. With enough practice, your balance will have no choice but to improve, even off the water. You can also incorporate cardio by doing sprints on the board. If you are with a friend you may as well set off on a race!

2. Low impact

You are not likely to stress or place added pressure on your joints. SUP can also be a great cross training alternative as well as an option for anyone recovering from an injury.

3. Easy to get started

All you need is a board, paddle and life vest and you are ready to glide across the water. Buying a board can be expensive, which is why checking out a rental spot is an excellent idea!

4. Freestyle!

SUP isn’t just about paddling. When you are on the water, take some time to experiment. Try some of your favorite yoga moves, some core exercises and even pushups. It sure beats fighting crowds at the gym!

So go ahead and give it a paddle! What are you waiting for?