Caffeine is a natural go-to for many. However, many studies suggest that too much caffeine can actually be damaging. If you are trying to kick the habit, here are a few ways to still grab an energy boost without the negative effects.

1. Do yoga
Even ten minutes can bring you the energy boost you need! Certain poses can work out effects of sitting for long periods of time or sitting at your desk hunched over. Try a simple back bend or a spinal twist to increase blood flow.

2. Make time to play outside
If you are chained to your desk all day this one is crucial! Head outside for some sunshine, fresh air and a brisk walk! If you can, you may also want to take a work call outside while heading on a stroll.

3. Crunch on an apple
The sugar in an apple will stimulate your digestive system helping you feel more awake. Apples contain a natural sugar so you won’t crash later!

4. Catch up with a friend
You can either take a break with a non-work conversation on a topic that interests you with a co-worker or call a friend, even if it’s just for five minutes to see how their day is going or to share something happening in your life.

5. Drink more water
It’s so easy to get dehydrated and overlook drinking enough water. Being dehydrated can take a serious toll on how you feel. Add ice cubes to make it extra refreshing!