Traveling doesn’t have to mean ditching healthy eating and your exercise schedule. Sure, it’s fun to let loose a little and be free of the normal routines that go on at home. But for many of us, health and wellness are an essential part of our lives, a part that absolutely need to come along with us wherever we go.

When you want to keep that feeling of vitality and well being with you when traveling, it helps to plan ahead. Be prepared with good food options and opportunities to get your body moving whenever possible.

Here are some of the best ways to insure you’ll be eating right and exercising your body while journeying across the globe:

  • Pack snacks – From the minute you leave your front door, you’ll want to have access to all of the healthy food that will keep you energized and in top health. Packing nutritious snacks for eating in the car, on planes, and en route to your hotel is necessary for healthy traveling. Have a stash of protein bars, organic dried fruits, nuts, kale chips, seaweed snacks, and trail mixes to help to curb hunger at your hotel, until you can find that great organic restaurant to eat at for lunch or dinner. Packing your own treats is the best way to avoid getting stuck buying meals from vending machines and fast food restaurants.
  • Stay at a healthy hotel – When deciding on accommodations at your destination, check with the hotel to see if their restaurant serves healthy, organic meals. Sometimes it’s fun to even reserve a suite, condo, or villa with a built-in kitchen so that you can prepare healthy food in your room.
  • Scour the city for health food stores and farmers’ markets – When you get to your hotel, ask the concierge for directions to the closest health food store and farmers’ market. Now that you’re relatively stationary, you can purchase some whole grain breads and organic produce to keep in your hotel for mid-day and late-night snacking.
  • Find the best local, healthy restaurants – Most cities have some incredible, healthy restaurants where you can dine on local cuisine and still remain true to your dietary needs. Ask around or look online for the location of vegan, organic, and raw restaurants that serve up seasonal menus, farm-to-table cuisine, and organic fare.
  • Indulge wisely – Vacations are surely a time for indulging in the best of local cuisine and goodies. But don’t use traveling as an excuse to load up your body with only junk food. With a little effort, it’s easy to find desserts and decadent meals that are made with nutritious and chemical-free ingredients. Of course, having a few donuts or cocktails is part of the carefree lifestyle that travel affords; just make sure these types of foods don’t comprise most of your eating or you may end up feeling sluggish for the rest of your trip.

Enjoying a healthy vacation or business trip is simple with just a little bit of planning and a whole lot of intention.