boston-12-5Losing weight and maintaining fitness can be an arduous challenge for anyone, but as people reach their 40s and beyond it can be even harder to manage a trim waistline. While many try committing to eating a healthy, nutrient dense diet, resisting the urge to indulge in comfort food can seem like a trial in futility. When the weekend presents a feral feast, there are ways to combat the impulse to binge.

Drink More Water
Water is vital for our body to maintain the proper function and regeneration of cells. Staying hydrated is especially necessary for those trying to obtain a more fit physique and mental acuity. Before each meal, it’s a good idea to drink a glass or two of water so that the urge to overeat will subside. The additional water will also aid in digestion and lessen the effects of water retention in body tissue.

One of the best ways to avoid binging merely involves saying “no” to fast food and anything prepackaged. When people prepare their own meals, they have control over the ingredients and portion size. Instead of going out to eat with friends, one may consider preparing a dinner party at home to avoid binging at a restaurant. If one is going to a movie, smuggling in some healthy homemade snacks is a great alternative to overpriced junk food.

Walk It Off
Avoiding a weekend binge can be as easy as staying active. Many people commit to working out five days a week with the weekend as a rest period. Rest is vital in order to promote muscle growth and avoid over-training, but that doesn’t mean staying active isn’t possible. A gentle walk at a moderate pace is a low impact form of exercise that can derail a voracious binge attack while keeping fitness and safety in balance.

Resisting temptation doesn’t have to be a struggle when junk food isn’t an option. However, most people are hard pressed to deny themselves of all their favorite sweet treats and savory comfort foods. Instead of cutting them out entirely, finding more wholesome varieties of coveted snacks can curb the desire to binge. For instance, when baking cookies, pureed fruit and natural fruit juices can be used instead of sugar. Dark chocolate is also an excellent alternative to milk chocolate, as it’s lower in sugar and fat while teeming with antioxidants and iron.

Portion Control
Controlling a binge is easier when there isn’t a surplus of food on display. If one is concerned about avoiding monstrous feasts with family and friends, it’s a good idea to plan how much one is willing to eat ahead of time. Having a plan can help people stay on track in even the most enticing food scenes. Using smaller plates, bowls and utensils can also help manage portion size as long as one doesn’t go back for multiple courses throughout the evening. When at home, measuring food with an electronic scale will ensure a precise portion measurement to promote binge-free eating.

Fighting food cravings can be difficult even at the best of times, but a bought of depression, anxiety or frustration can send a person into binge mood instantly. To combat emotional eating and merely binging out of boredom, finding a distraction can be a savior. Whether it’s reading a book, playing cards with a friend, calling a relative or exercising, finding something to do on the weekend that doesn’t focus on food is an excellent way to avoid binging and uprooting progress.