When you first decided to improve your fitness, it was for all the right reasons. You wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle, improve energy and even fit back into those high school skinny jeans. But at some point maybe you have felt that enthusiasm drop. Here are some ways to reclaim the eye of the tiger:

1. You’re bored

You aren’t enjoying your workout or have been doing the same routine over and over. You view working out as a chore instead of a reward. To fix it – try something new! Mix in weights, hiking or a group fitness class.

2. Stress

You are slammed at work and home and the last thing you can sneak in is time at the gym. To remedy this, view working out as a healthy way to cope with stress and have a clear mind. A clear mind can mean more productivity.

3. You’re not eating and/or sleeping enough

Sleep and nutrition can be just as important as exercise when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. When you wake up feeling refreshed, chances are higher that you will make it a priority to stay hydrated and eat power packed foods to replenish energy.