One of the most important elements of the health program we offer at Cenegenics Boston is Hormone Replacement Therapy. Learn more about Hormone Therapy Replacement Boston below.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

HRT is the use of manufactured hormones to replace those lost by the body as we get older. These “bioidentical” hormones are plant-based and can safely help alleviate some of the bothersome symptoms of aging. They are usually administered in pill or cream form.

Hormone Therapy Replacement Boston

At Cenegenics Boston, we specifically focus on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), which is the treatment of low hormone levels (specifically, the hormone testosterone) in men. TRT is safe and very effective when medically indicated and monitored.

If you are a man aged 40 or older and are experiencing symptoms like fatigue or diminished sex drive, low testosterone may be to blame. Low T is not something you have to suffer from indefinitely. We can help.

We have testimonial after testimonial submitted by real patients whose lives have been transformed by our program. Our wholistic approach cannot be compared to using drugs to mask symptoms like low energy or high cholesterol. This is a life-changing program. Read some of our patients’ stories here.

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