Adapting fitness to your life? Remember that it’s all about balance, mixing it up and allowing your body and muscles to recover. You shouldn’t tire the same muscle groups on back-to-back days. If you are placing too much emphasis on a single aspect of training, you may become injured or start to notice poor performance.

When you workout, whether it be lifting, running or cycling, muscle fibers start to break down. The harder you work out, the more muscle fibers you damage. Your body then works to rebuild these damaged fibers and if you allow your body to recover, they can grow back stronger than they were before. But make sure you allow at least 24 hours for your body to rest.

Experts say that it takes 48 hours for muscles to fully recover from a run. That doesn’t mean you can’t run back-to-back days, just mix it up with the types and intensity, distance and speed.

Experts say when it comes to heavy lifting the recovery time can be up to seven days. You can still work the same muscle groups after the 48-hour mark but be mindful of why your body may be tired.