As the ball slowly drops, the same thoughts run through the heads of many during the last minute of the year. As New Year’s Resolutions go, wealth, happiness, and fitness are the common genres that people promise to improve upon throughout the new year.

It’s an easy task to commit to at the beginning. Most people have holiday break so keeping up with a fitness schedule really is not a struggle. The gusto and energy of a mind set to purpose carries a person, but only for a little while. It’s not because of lack of a trying or laziness, it’s because people lose sight of what it is they want. Unfortunately, this is why New Year’s Resolutions do not come true.

It’s essential to set yourself up for success. A person makes these resolutions for a reason, remember those reasons and don’t lose sight of them. is a helpful guide to fulfilling promises made. The focus is on aging gracefully and developing healthy routines to stay in shape at any age. The tagline for the website is beautifully stated: “aging is inevitable,” but the manner in which it happens is completely personal and specific.

Realistic Expectations
Many reasons people don’t keep new year’s promises is because they are simply out of reach. Instead of promising to run a marathon after years of very little cardio, instead go for a walk in Boston Market, visit the historic sites like the Boston Tea Party, the USS Constitution Museum, and more. Go to Fenway Park with a child or pet. Just get out and start moving around. Build up to walking miles, then running, then it will be time to set higher goals. Start small because something small can only get bigger.

Define What It Is You Want
Promises are made with the best of intentions. If it’s a goal to eat better, find a buddy to keep each other honest. Make it fun. For better financial stability, make a spending plan and stick with it! Put money aside for retirement and spend it more wisely. Find a way to place daily reminders in your life. If something is inspirational, write it down and post it where it can best be seen every day: on a refrigerator, in a car, in a wallet, anything to never let that ideal leave your mind. The gym bag should be packed the night before and placed in the car. Make a healthy lunch before going to bed. Specific New Year’s Resolutions were made for a reason.

Know That Change Does Not Happen Over Night
Discouragement is a common detriment to resolutions. Change comes when inspiration and challenge turns to habit and pride. Understand that patience comes with time as well. Everything in life happens at its own pace. Physical fitness, strength, and overall health is meant to be a timely process because the body needs time to adjust in order to gain endurance and muscle. Happiness is acceptance and progress. The point is to stay on track and realize you have help wherever you look.

The New Year is an amazing time. The promise of health and happiness are glowing on the minds of people everywhere. Maintain that glow throughout the entire year. A year is months added onto months, not just the first few weeks of January. Keep up with that new gym membership, don’t go the super market starving, and make realistic and attainable goals that will help you to reach even higher. Become the inspiration for others that was once just a measure of possibility.