A healthy brain leads to healthy aging. Just as you keep your body in shape, stretching your memory and concentration will help you live longer, healthier, and happier.

Exercise Your Brain

Play games like chess that stretch your brain muscles. Games requiring mental strategy that make you think hard increase levels of concentration and help you focus better. Other games to test your mental capacity are Sudoku, crossword, and logic puzzles. Card games can also be a fun way for memory training.

Eat Healthier

What you eat has a lasting impact on your body and brain. Eating healthy foods is one of the natural and important ways to improve memory and concentration. Specific brain foods like leafy green vegetables and avocados also have amazing health benefits in addition to boosting your brain power! Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts and food packed full of vitamins to keep your brain and body heathy.

Exercise Regularly

Regularly exercising helps prevent memory loss. In fact, aerobic exercise enhances memory. Running, cycling, or any exercise that raises your heart rate will help you concentrate better—and decrease your waistline!

Read a Book

How to improve short-term memory? Read a book. Concentrating on text trains your brain to focus on the task and eliminate distractions. Read anything you’d like—a magazine, newspaper, or book.

Think Positively

Activities like meditation, prayer, and yoga calms your mind to help you focus better and gain a better outlook of life. Mindful practices and positive thinking can decrease your anxiety and help you absorb the amount of information coming in to improve your concentration.

Practice Memorization

Pick something like a passage from a book or some poetry. Memorize vocabulary words from the dictionary or thesaurus if you like words. A card game like Memory is a fun and simple memory booster. Look at humorous photographs and try to remember them. The objects to memorize are endless!

Take a Class

Learning something new forces your brain to solve a new mental puzzle in an unfamiliar, challenging landscape. Plus, knowing that you’ll receive a grade at the end of the class is extra motivation! Learn a new language like Italian, take a class on artificial intelligence, or something that is new and interesting to you. Choose something particularly challenging to exercise your brain further.

Get Enough Sleep

When you’re stressed or overworked, it can be difficult to get enough sleep. Yet, when we get enough sleep, our body produces a growth hormone that’s responsible for improved concentration and focus. Once you get enough snoozes, you’ll complete tasks faster, mange your mood better, and have more energy.

Taking care of your brain is important to a better life and healthy aging. Your memory will improve while your ability to concentrate and focus will be strengthened.