Although the movement to grow and buy locally is booming in some places, we would like to take a more international approach. This doesn’t mean you should get your tomatoes from Europe (unless you live there). It means that we have to think globally if we want to find the best practices for healthy eating. Here are 5 ways that other countries are doing just that:

1. Eating soup, or liquid food. The Chinese eat some sort of soup with every meal, and for good reason. As drinking water can curb your appetite, so eating soup before a meal can cause you to eat less of the actual meal. A proper soup will also contain essential nutrients that you might not be getting with the meal.

2. Curries, with yogurt instead of cream. In India, curries can be full of vegetables, whole spices, and great protein. But the oils and fats can turn dieters away. Using a non-fat yogurt and less oil in a non-stick pan can turn a fattening curry into a delicious and healthy meal, without losing the flavor.

3. While Thai food may instantly make you think of chicken, beef, or seafood, actual Thai food does not concentrate on meat as the main dish. Rather than eat a lone steak or chicken breast, Thai food focuses on grains, veggies, and spices together with the meat, rather than a side dish. This balances the meal and adds more nutrients.

4. Aussies, yes Australians, create a healthy hamburger by using all-natural Aussie beef and adding beetroot, more commonly known as a beet, to their burgers. By using lean, all-natural beef and adding a couple slices of beet, the burger turns from a greasy get-me-down into a detoxifying protein-packed pick-me-up. You cannot beet that!

5. Ceviche. If you have ever been to Central America, Mexico, Latin America, or a good Mexican restaurant, you have probably seen ceviche. Typically made with shrimp, this fresh and satisfying meal can be made many different ways, marinating fresh seafood in lime juice which essentially “cooks” the meat. Spices, veggies, fruit or anything else healthy can be added to this dish, making it extremely versatile and delicious.