Which is better: juicing or blending? As juicing becomes more and more common this is a question worth taking a look at.

While both can be incredibly important in a fitness and wellness program, they also offer different benefits. During juicing, water and nutrients are extracted and fiber is left behind. This is important because your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to absorb nutrients. This is exactly why juicing is used for detoxification and healing. The downside is that you may not feel full as you do after drinking a smoothie.

Because blending uses the entire fruit or vegetable and all the fiber that comes with it, fullness will set on. However, smoothies aren’t as easy on the digestive system. And you have to be careful with the fruits and veggies you mix because it can affect the way digestive enzymes function. Of course, both are excellent ways to rev up health depending on what you are looking for.