Working out is a great way to keep the body in healthy condition, especially as the body ages. However, constant workouts in the same areas and the same ways are not ideal for achieving a better body. In fact, it might have the opposite effect on the muscles, joints, and skin of a person who is aging. The mind is also affected by the same, boring workouts day after day. A person shouldn’t subject themselves to boring workouts. Instead of doing the same workouts week after week, here are three reasons why alternating the workouts is better for the body.

Improves Joint Function

The joints are a tricky subject since they often can be a person’s worst enemy when it comes to working out. Workouts undoubtedly keep the joints moving like a well-oiled machine. Constant movement helps eliminate arthritis by keeping the joints strong, and strong joints keep the body moving better overall. If movement tends to hurt the joints, there are certain topical treatments than can alleviate the pain until the joints can become used to the movements.

If a person tends to walk daily, they might need something different to keep the joints moving without becoming bored. Aerobic exercises are an excellent way to keep all the joints in the body moving to provide better joint moving. Swimming is also a great break from the norm, especially for those who enjoy time in the water. If swimming is not an option, other forms of cardio like tennis or jogging are great ways to involve other parts of the body aside from the legs.

Builds Better Muscle

There is nothing better for building muscles than exercise on a regular basis. Many different exercises like cardio and weightlifting helps to build the muscles while also burning fat. However, doing the same workouts will kill the muscle tone. It is always a great idea to mix up workouts to fully build a muscle group. How does one accomplish this?

If one does squat every day, the legs will be toned, but they will not be toned fully. Instead, workouts like squats, calf raises, lunges, and more will be better suited to building all the muscles in the legs. These workouts should be alternated and mixed to have a better muscle building workout. The same idea goes for every part of the body from arms to legs to abs.

Makes it More Fun

Aside from the physical benefits, mixing up workouts is also beneficial for the mind. When one does the same workouts day after day, month after month, it can become boring. When things are mixed up, they tend to be more interesting. Why wouldn’t someone want to implement this into their workout routines as well? However, when one decides to swap up the workouts, it makes them more fun but also more exciting.

The mind stays sharp while learning new things, and the person working out is less likely to grow bored and stop. Another benefit for the mind is the change in pace. If the workouts go from quick paced to slower, it challenges the mind as well as the body. Either way, mixing up workouts helps to strengthen the mind like another muscle.


For the body and the mind, working out in different ways each week is a great way to keep the mind sharp, keep the body toned, and have fun while doing it. For men and women who are starting to age, learning new ways to keep the body healthy is ideal for feeling better, feeling stronger, and having a happier life. Switching up workouts is perfect for making the workouts more entertaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.