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The Cenegenics Weight Loss Program is the solution to those struggling with yo-yo weight gain; it’s a sustainable, smart way of life that works. We provide our clients with ongoing personal support, guidance, and education along the way. We educate our patients on how to live a healthy lifestyle in order to lose and manage their weight. In conjunction with Cenegenics’ medically supervised, scientific approach, you will have all the tools to achieve the same results that thousands of our past clients have seen. The Cenegenics Weight Loss Program is designed to meet your unique needs and set you up for long-term success. In general, the program aims for about a loss of 1-2 pounds per week, although some clients can lose up to 5 pounds per week initially. Our clients experience better energy, vitality, and overall improved sense of well-being. Clients have also discovered that, after significant weight loss, the signs and symptoms of weight-related illness – diabetes, high-cholesterol, joint pain, heart problems, depression – often begin to go away.


Program Overview

The Cenegenics Weight Loss Program is a 12 week comprehensive doctor designed intensive lifestyle training program which is sustainable long after the program ends. You will learn how to achieve your goals at your age, how your body works best, and how to maintain results in the future. The Cenegenics Weight Loss Program includes:

VO2 Max Weight Loss Program BostonInitial Diagnostics & Exercise Testing:

  • Resting Measurements (Vital Signs)
  • Profile Picture
  • Body Circumference Measurements (waist, hip, arm, mid-thigh)
  • Total Body DEXA (body composition analysis – BF% and Muscle Mass)
  • VO2 Max Testing (cardio-respiratory fitness testing)

Nutrition Consultation:

During the consultation we will review and evaluate your current nutrition and eating habits and we discuss the core principles for reducing obesity and preventing disease through healthy nutrition. The Cenegenics Nutrition Program which has helped thousands of clients to lose weight over the past 18 years. This is the foundation of Cenegenics Elite Health. We will help you with meal planning and strategies to fit your lifestyle. Don’t be fooled into thinking, “I know how to eat healthy”. As a client once said, “You can’t run away from bad eating habits.”

Exercise Consultation:

Exercise smarter not longer. Don’t spend more time doing workouts with mediocre results. During the Exercise Consultation we evaluate your current fitness habits and how your body responds. From this information we build a customized exercise program to help you meet your weight loss and body composition goals. Our objective is to help you maximize the efficacy of your workouts.


At Cenegenics we believe in providing our clients with highest quality products that will give you the edge you need to get to your goals – Cenegenics Performance Supplements – the highest quality, best performing sports supplements on the market today. Your Program includes the products you need for all 12 weeks. Cenegenics Weight Loss Program Elite Performance ProductsHere’s what’s included:

  • Whey Protein x 6
  • Power Formula x 3
  • Recovery Formula x 3
  • Natural Testosterone x 3

Program Monitoring:

Weekly nutrition and exercise follow-up with your counselor throughout the 12 week program. Weekly on-line and phone check-ups provide structure, education, and accountability to help keep you on track.

  • Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 – Phone
  • Weeks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 – Email

Final Testing:

In order to validate progress made via the Program we conduct follow-up testing at the 12 week mark. The final appointment includes the following:

  • Total Body DEXA (body-fat analysis)
  • Body Measurements (waist, hip, arm, mid-thigh)
  • Nutrition and Exercise Review

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The Cenegenics Weight Loss program is not meant to be a temporary weight loss solution. The program is designed to help our clients achieve long term success with their weight loss habits and understanding. Thorough baseline analysis, weekly communications and one-on-one expert guidance in nutrition and exercise, we help prepare you for long term success that can continue for years beyond the 12 week program.

Call us at 857-263-7490, email Dr. Boman at LBoman@cenegenics.com or fill out the online form on our Contact Page to learn more.

“20 lbs in 12 weeks! Correction: 20 lbs of FAT in 12 weeks!! This program seriously works…

I spoke to Mark McKenna in early July ’16 because I needed a program to get me back in the gym on a consistent basis and also needed some assistance with changing my diet.  During our inital meeting, we discussed my current diet and exercise (or lack therof) and what my goals were.  From there, we got hte facts from teh DEXA scan and seeing the numbers on paper, really opened my eyes and got me motivated.  We quickly put together a 12 week diet and exercise plan and I got to work.  Mark was there for me each week during the check in (and other times for random questions I had).  Week to week, the program actually got easier and kept telling people that I don’t feel like I am sacrificing anything.  My energy improved, my attitude and overall well-being improve and it was only after a week or a week and a half when I had to tighten my belt one notch and people at work started to recognize my leaner self.

Fact forward 12 weeks and I was really excited to go back on the DEXA scan since I worked so hard. Sure enough, the numbers don’t lie. I dropped 20 lbs and 100% of those lbs were fat.  I actually gained a very small percentage of muscle!! Most importantly, I dropped 3 lbs of visceral fat (the really, really bad fat surrounding my midsection).

Finally, the most important piece to all of this and I can continue the program, again, I don’t feel like I am making sacrifices.  I’ll be back next year around the same time to check my numbers and start another 12 week program…

Thank you Mark and thank you Cenegenics Boston!!”

T.W., 42 yr old male, IT Manager, Malden, MA

Before and After Cenegenics Weight Loss Program

T.W., 42yo Male