As we get older, we encounter many obstacles in the struggle to stay fit and in shape. Hormonal imbalance, energy loss and daily tasks are only a few of the reasons we tend drop fitness and heath as we grow older.

Time management & making fitness a priority

Having a career and a family is never easy and balancing the two can be quite challenging. Time management is key to avoid burnout and stress. Instead of making a habit of late nights drinking with friends, sign up for a class at the gym and encourage your friends to meet you there. The fit woman is much more conscious about her routines and habits.

Healthy diet

For a fit woman, there’s no such thing as “I couldn’t help myself” when it comes to late night snacks or an extra side of French fries. The will to stay fit is stronger than any craving; however this doesn’t mean a fit woman starves herself to death. She has a healthy way of living and keeps a balance between having an active life and eating healthy food. She won’t say “no” to a piece of chocolate once in a while, but she will never wake up in the middle of the night checking to see what’s in the fridge.

Fit & healthy as a way of life, not a destination

Fit women don’t stop after the scale shows the magic number they’ve been dreaming of. They turn healthy into a way of life and live their lives accordingly, not as an endless diet. They stop counting calories, but focus on nutrients and quality food instead. They see sports as a fun, relaxing activity, not as the most dreadful part of the day.

Sleep as a priority

In our endless rush to accomplish as many things as possible, we tend to ignore one of our most basic needs: sleep. An astonishing percent of women all over the world tend to place their sleep needs after theirs and their family’s many other needs. However, a fit woman knows how important it is to get a good night sleep and is aware of the impact this has on her productivity, energy level, mood and health.