PUMPED Performance Evaluation

$500.00 2 hours

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Cenegenics® PUMPED Performance Evaluation is a Cenegenics Boston elite lifestyle and fitness non-physician program designed to help you maximize your health, body composition, and quality of life. As with any fitness or wellness initiative having objective, data-verified feedback is critical to knowing the impact of your exercise plan. Our goal is to provide our clients with a deep understanding of where they are, where they should be, and if what they are doing is effective. Your Cenegenics PUMPED Performance Evaluation Includes:

  • Full Body GE Lunar DEXA Scan Body Composition Analysis – exact Body Fat % and Muscle Mass by Region with color printed report
  • VO2 Max Performance test identifies anaerobic threshold, RER, and exercise response
  • 11 point Fitness assessment
  • 30 minute nutrition and exercise consultation with our Cenegenics-trained Counselor
  • Customized personal nutrition and exercise plan specific for your goals

How to Prepare for your upcoming visit!

PUMP Fitness Evaluation

• This is a two hour Evaluation and consultation.
• Includes fitness testing, and nutrition and exercise consultation.
• You will complete Health and Lifestyle documents sent to you prior to the test date.
• You will be completing a DEXA Scan. (Please refer to the DEXA protocols at the top of this page)
• You will be completing a VO2 Max Test. (Please refer to the VO2 Max protocols at the top of this page)