screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-11-12-05-amWhat does age management medicine include?
This program of treatment is designed to develop great healthy habits  and a high level of fitness and well-being before degenerative aging starts to do permanent damage.

Fitness Activities For Long-Term Health
An ideal area to consider when working toward long-term fitness goals to keep aging from messing up your life is your fitness regimen. While many older adults participate in some low-impact cardio such as walking or cross-training, weight training or strength training is a terrific program to start at any age.

Weight Lifting For Posture, Strength And Balance
Weight lifting, whether with free weights, on weight lifting machines or with strength bands that enable you to lift your own body weight at various angles, is an excellent way to build muscle mass and strength, improve your balance and your reflexes so a stumble doesn’t become a fall, and maintain plenty of blood flow to your bones and maintain their density.

Work With A Pro
Once you’ve discussed your fitness goals with your doctor, consider working with a personal trainer as you learn to handle free weights or use weight lifting machines. One of the greatest causes of injury amongst weight lifters is the damage caused by poor form. With a qualified personal trainer, you can learn the best form for your exercise goals and learn, with light or no weight at first, exactly how to hold your body as you work through the reps. Once your form is solid without coaching, you’ll be ready to slowly add weight.

Add Weight Lifting Movements To Every Moment Of Your Day
Walking the dog? Carry a small free weight in the other hand, and swap hands as you go. This will help you build hand strength to grip larger weights as you get stronger. If you like, curl the weight up and down on alternating strides.

Carrying a bag or basket of groceries? Hold the parcel in front of you to build up your shoulders and upper arms. There are plenty of housework chores that can easily be turned into a press or a curl, so take advantage and don’t be afraid to feel silly! Getting strong should be fun, and being strong is even more fun.

Work Out With A Buddy
Once you graduate from the personal trainer, consider lifting with a buddy. This will benefit you in many ways; you’ll get time with your friend, get stronger, and you’ll never have to ask a stranger to spot for you.

A spotter keeps an eye on you as you lift. They work closely with you and may mirror your hands, particularly if you’re working over your head or trying to move up on your maximum weight.

Final Thoughts
Weight lifting is an efficient way to build lean muscle mass. Over time, free weights are a much more efficient way to build strength and burn calories. Whether you’re trying to lose fat, gain muscle or both, a weight workout will boost your metabolism and get your metabolism going for great health.