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“20 lbs in 12 weeks! Correction: 20 lbs of FAT in 12 weeks!! This program seriously works…

I spoke to Mark McKenna in early July ’16 because I needed a program to get me back in the gym on a consistent basis and also needed some assistance with changing my diet. During our initial meeting, we discussed my current diet and exercise (or lack thereof) and what my goals were. From there, we got the facts from the DEXA scan and seeing the numbers on paper, really opened my eyes and got me motivated. We quickly put together a 12 week diet and exercise plan and I got to work. Mark was there for me each week during the check in (and other times for random questions I had). Week to week, the program actually got easier and kept telling people that I don’t feel like I am sacrificing anything. My energy improved, my attitude and overall well-being improved and it was only after a week or a week and a half when I had to tighten my belt one notch and people at work started to recognize my leaner self.

Fast forward 12 weeks and I was really excited to go back on the DEXA scan since I worked so hard. Sure enough, the numbers don’t lie. I dropped 20 lbs and 100% of those lbs were fat. I actually gained a very small percentage of muscle!! Most importantly, I dropped 3 lbs of visceral fat (the really, really bad fat surrounding my midsection).

Finally, the most important piece to all of this and I can continue the program, again, I don’t feel like I am making any sacrifices. I’ll be back next year around the same time to check my numbers and start another 12 week program…

Thank you Mark and thank you Cenegenics Boston!!”

T.W., 42 yr old male, IT Manager, Malden, MA

*Individual results may vary.

T.W., 42yo Male

Approaching my 60th birthday losing weight and staying healthy was starting to become a challenge. Despite the fact that I ate mostly healthy foods, remained fairly active, and exercised on a regular basis, my waistline began to hover around forty inches and my weight kept creeping up every year. Feeling frustrated with myself, I contacted Dr. Boman at Cenegenics Boston. In less than five months I have lost over 22 pounds, dropped 6 inches off my waist and increased my overall energy and strength. I’ve learned what to eat and what to avoid without depriving myself. Cenegenics is not only body changing, it is life changing. I am more physically active and I am even back to running with my wife, something I had not done in almost two years. All of a sudden, turning 60 is no longer a scary proposition.

D.M., 59 years old, male, Criminal Justice Consultant, Narragansett, RI

*Individual results may vary.

D.M., 59yo Male

At 47 years old, I was the metaphorical frog in the pot, beginning to notice it was getting a little warm. What was happening to my passion for life? By 50 I found myself mourning the loss of that which used to drive me. My passion for big game hunting which had always burned hot, reduced to a flickering match. Euphemistically speaking, the same could be said of the “home fires”. Gains in the gym were a thing of the past, despite every effort at improved programming, nutrition and recovery. As a strength and conditioning coach, this was particularly troubling.

While instructing a thriving 65 year old client one afternoon, he shared what his doctor at Cenegenics had done for him. Though no stranger to the concept of hormone replacement therapy, my endocrinologist administered it timidly and feebly. I was not reaping any apparent benefits. After two encouraging and informative phone conversations with Dr. Lars Boman, I was sitting in his Boston office.

Dr. Boman’s comprehensive testing and treatment is complemented by his approach to learning about the patient as a whole, including lifestyle, sources of stress, interests and athletic background. Compared to the PCP office visit, where my doctor would spend half of our paltry 20 minutes looking at his laptop, this was enormously refreshing!

A few weeks later I was already reaping the benefits of improved health. I was on an effective testosterone replacement regime, and Dr. Boman had optimized my thyroid function, which had been impacting my health significantly. Every specialist heretofore had overlooked it. Other key supplementations were dictated by Cenegenics’ extensive testing as well, with all the guess-work taken out of the health equation.

One year under Dr. Boman’s care, and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. My lean body weight is higher than when I was a 20-something year old bodybuilder. But no metric can rival regaining ones passion for life. The primal urge to hunt has returned with a vengeance, and the “home fires” burn anew.

At 52, I’ll be competing in my first Olympic Weightlifting meet this spring. This was unthinkable 6 months ago. Where my renewed interests as coach and athlete will take me, I don’t yet know, but I look forward to the journey!

M.S., 52yo Male, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Littleton, MA

*Individual results may vary.

M.S., 52yo Male

I’ve been enrolled with Cenegenics for four months now and already the changes I have seen are dramatic. In this short amount of time I’ve gone from a blubbery size 38 waist to a slender size 33 and the weight is still coming off. My body already looks entirely different. For the first time in many years, my shoulders are wider than my hips and I’m replacing the fat with lean muscle! Dr. Boman and his staff are the real deal! Of course, the changes are not only to my outward appearance. I have more energy and drive than I’ve had in years and now have the libido of a 25-year-old.  I’m a 48 year old man with a 16 month old son that I could barely keep up with a few short months ago. I made the decision to be in his life for as long as humanly possible. That means living well, eating right and staying fit. I truly believe Cenegenics has made it all possible. I’m just beginning but already feel like a new person. I can’t say enough good things.

S.H., 48 years old, male, business owner, Tewksbury, MA

*Individual results may vary.

S.H., 48yo Male

Good Morning Lars,
Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the complete Cenegenics Program. After my first full year with Cenegenics Boston I feel truly great! My body fat has dropped to an amazing 9.2 %, total cholesterol dropped over 100 points, cholesterol HDL ratio dropped to 3 from 4.19 and I have a total feeling of wellness. My friends in the gym are amazed. Thanking you and your team again!

JWF (yes still working full time)

J.W.F., 67 years old, male, married, business owner & contractor, Northboro, MA

*Individual results may vary.
J.W.F., 67yo Male

I have to say I’m astonished as to the degree of change Cenegenics has made in me. In a very short time I felt, and saw, what a comprehensive approach can accomplish. In the initial review the doctor and his associates examined my current status in great detail. Labs, exercise history, tests of my physical capabilities, diet, and so on are all brought together to design a program to help me achieve my desire to get the most out of my life. I’m now 60 and have always been an active athlete. However, the past few years been difficult in maintaining the level of fitness I need to be happy with myself. Fat seemed so stubborn. Recovery from exercise was taking longer and longer. Willpower wasn’t enough. I hit a wall…I was “getting old”. At least that’s what I thought. Now after 17 awesome months I know better.

I started off at 22% fat. Now its 6%. Cardiovascular capacity up 250%. Recovery from workouts is right after the next meal! Young and old want to know how I look so much younger than my age. The knowledge gained from the program and the physical changes I’ve experienced have enabled me to help a lot of people live healthier lives, including my family.

How does it work so well? Nothing is left out. Everything is designed for your individual situation. Exercise, diet , nutritional supplements, hormone therapy if you need it. Every 90 days labs on your blood are evaluated and the program is tweaked accordingly to maximize your potential. If you’re not doing this program of “age management” you’re in the dark about your health. Like waiting for something to go wrong and then trying to fix it.

Some have asked me…How long do you stay on this program? My answer… The rest of my life of course! I can’t imagine why I would ever give up this lifestyle. I enjoy feeling, looking, and living as I did in my younger years. Did I mention anything about sex drive? Of course when your in your best health, everything improves. Quality of life…worth every penny!

S.E.C., 60yo M, own rock climbing gyms. Rehoboth, MA.

*Individual results may vary.

I’m living my life to the maximum!”

Before Cenegenics – I even looked unhappy!


S.E.C., 60yo Male

Before I began working with Dr. Boman and Cenegenics I struggled with weight loss and sleep. Despite being a very active person who had a regular exercise routine I just never could manage to lose any weight. After just 6 months of being involved with Cenegenics the results were remarkable – I lost 8 lbs of body fat gained 7 lbs of lean muscle and lost 4 inches around my waist. In addition to the changes in my body composition I feel an overall improvement in my health. I’m sleeping much better and have fewer aches and pains than I have ever had in my day to day life. I highly recommend Cenegenics and the Cenegenics lifestyle. I am really looking forward to continue working with my Cenegenics Boston Team and can hardly wait to see what changes take place in the next 6 months!

MM, 47 yo Female, Dentist, 45 mins W of Boston, MA

*Individual results may vary.
M.M., 47yo Female

Dear Cenegenics and Dr. Boman (and staff),

When looking back at the past 14 months, it is very difficult to know where to start. When I turned 50, I decided to give myself, and my loved ones, a present, the gift of life and health. I never realized where it would lead, nor did I know what it really meant at the time. Now, it is clear!

The motivation for my efforts were many. I wanted to free myself of medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My ‘squeezing’ into size 36 pants and deteriorating self-image truly was horrifying, although I almost let it become second nature. I was never one to give in to mediocrity or defeat, and finally had the guts to embark on a life-changing mission.

I wanted an end to being out of breath when I walked up my staircase at my tri-level townhome. I wanted more life, more zest, more energy and to look forward to a long life of good health, teaching my children at the same time. I wanted to be an example of a health and wellness, and enjoy an energizing life forever.

Sounds idealistic? Maybe. Sounds impossible? Nope! In July of 2012, I had the most comprehensive health review of my lifetime. A fitness test, body scans, blood tests of massive magnitude were coupled with expert advice and analysis by Dr. Boman and his staff. Kate Sanders, a personable and knowledgeable Exercise Physiologist, along with Dr. Boman’s medical expertise, showed me exactly what I needed to do to achieve my goals. With their initial motivation and guidance, it was time to begin my journey.

I was schooled on how to eat, workout, supplement and ‘live’. With the pharmacy program which initially included HRT, within 3 weeks I was feeling renewed. I was eating to live and working out regularly. Within 6 weeks, I had lost 10 pounds and was feeling great. I lost my cravings for ‘bad’ foods and saw a difference in the mirror that made me (and my friend and family) proud! So I forged ahead.

Soon thereafter, the transformation continued and people were seriously noticing a change; a lifestyle change. I became a regular at my local health club, starting shopping in the produce department of the grocery store and went to the tailor! Since then, I have nothing but good things to report:

  • More energy
  • Stronger libido
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • NO NEED for cholesterol or blood pressure meds
  • Positive outlook
  • New clothes and a 32 waist!
  • My arteries are CLEANER…with proof
  • Chiseled physique
  • …did I say, MORE energy and stronger libido yet?

Doctor Boman and his staff are incredible. They are prompt, available and realistic. If you commit, so do they. They truly care about my success and my health.

I have lost about 37lbs. of body fat, added about 7 pounds of lean muscle and I went from 30% body fat to 14%!!! In 14 months. People I don’t even know say, ‘Wow, you are in great shape!’, out of nowhere! It’s fantastic, and no one believes I am 52, nor do I!

In conclusion, my life has changed. With renewed vitality, a new body and the best I have felt literally, since high school, better yet, EVER. I’m strong, smiling and confident…looking forward to a long, healthy and happy future with Cenegenics as the catalyst.

M.R. 52yo Male, Financial Advisor, Marlboro MA

*Individual results may vary.

M.R. – July 2013

M.R. – July 2012

M.R., 52yo Male

I am a 59-year-old female physician who recently became a patient at Cenegenics Boston. I am thrilled to offer a testimonial praising the staff at Cenegenics Boston and Dr. Lars Boman.

I have for years prided myself on having maintained healthy lifestyle choices. I believed I was in excellent physical condition. My experience with the Elite physical was enlightening. This was the most thorough assessment I have ever had. Based on the results, an individualized exercise, nutritional, and Bio-identical hormonal program was prescribed. In the few months since beginning these recommendations, I’ve lost a few pounds, I have more energy and I am enjoying a rediscovered libido. I plan on being more diligent with my exercise regimen and expect to see even more positive effects.

I honestly believe that this is the best age management medical program available. It is a worthwhile expense and commitment. And isn’t optimizing one’s health the best investment out there?

*Individual results may vary.
K.K., 59yo Female

Dr. Boman,
Just wanted to reach out to say thank you to you and the Boston Cenegenics team! I’m coming up on my one year anniversary and I’ve got to say I’m amazed at how good I feel. My positive energy and outlook are creating new opportunities for me at work and increasing the quality of my social life. I’m back on the ice playing hockey with twenty-one-year-olds and haven’t felt this good in 7 years. The whole program just makes so much sense now that I’ve got my nutrition regimen lined up with the right exercise routine and have the deep insight that you provide into how my body works. Replacing the deficient hormones, including Testosterone, has made an enormous difference to my health goals. For starters I’ve converted 19 pounds of fat into 16 pounds of muscle and transformed my body, but I’m not done yet.

SC, 56, Chief Information Officer, Boston Area

*Individual results may vary.
S.C., 56yo Male

DEXA Scan results: In three months lost 20lbs of fat and gained 4.5lbs of muscle mass following his Cenegenics Weight Loss Program including personalized exercise, nutrition & supplementation supervised by Dr. Lars Boman and Mark McKenna ACSM at Cenegenics Boston!

I reached out to Mark McKenna at Cenegenics Boston as my 49th birthday approached. I was easily in the worst shape of my life, overweight and weak. I didn’t relish the thought of turning 50 looking and feeling like I did. Fad diets and ‘quick fixes’ were just making matters worse.

Cenegenics goes well beyond a diet or fitness program. They dig deep to uncover the habits and attitudes that are keeping you from your weight goals. After a thorough round of testing, including DEXA scan, VO2 Max, and numerous strength and endurance tests, Mark helped to craft a program designed specially for me. Together, we came up with ways of getting around the roadblocks that have kept me from succeeding in the past.

Throughout my 12-week program, Mark stayed in regular contact with me, tracking my progress, and providing encouragement and accountability as I progressed through the easy-to-follow nutrition and exercise programs. The change in my energy level and sense of well-being was palpable from the very early stages of the program, and they continued to improve throughout the program.

At the end of the 12 weeks, I returned to Cenegenics for another battery of tests. I nailed my target weight (to the pound!) and improved in pretty much every area we had measured at the onset. I had lost 22 pounds of fat, and gained 4 pounds of muscle mass. More importantly, I had developed habits and routines that will keep me progressing toward my new goal (to be under 20 percent body fat).

I feel much better about turning 50 next year. I really think I’m in the best shape of my life.

J.B. 49yo Male, financial advisor, Bar Harbor, ME

*Individual results may vary.
J.B., 49yo Male

Dr. Boman – we’ve been communicating for almost two years now. Your encouragement and recommendations are always on the cutting edge of the curve in all aspects, and I remain confident I am safe and making the right choices.

I am especially appreciative of the guidance you’ve provided me, including helping understand the associated physiology and your interest in my success despite not always being a regular client. It’s because of the positive changes in my health that I’ve been able to get through some tough times recently.

Although my battle with early-onset osteoarthritis continues, I have not lost any ground. To be able to take my shirt off on the beach at 50 and feel good about it says it all! Thank you.

J.D., 50yo M, Engineer, Binghamton, NY

*Individual results may vary.
J.D., 50yo Male

My Cenegenics program has made a very positive difference in my life! In my mid-forties I began struggling with noticeably low energy and an inability to manage my weight, even with conscientious dieting and exercise. Nothing was working like it had when I was younger. My body seemed to change after my last pregnancy.

It was disheartening to watch the scale climb even though I was drastically cutting calories and exercising.

Since working with Dr. Boman and Kate at Cenegenics Boston, things are moving in a very positive direction! I look and feel much, much better. Dr. Boman is easy to contact and closely monitors my progress. He is also easy to talk to and responsive to any questions. There is no question that my health and success are important to him. His staff is really helpful.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a Cenegenics client.

K.J., 48yo female, mom and wife, suburban Boston, MA

*Individual results may vary.
K.J., 48yo Female

Sitting here on the beach in Maui I realize this is where it first began, when I made my New Year’s resolution to lose weight in a healthy way and contacted Dr. Lars Boman at Cenegenics Boston. That was over 40 pounds ago. I was wearing 42 jeans and now wear 34’s. I’m almost 6 months older but I feel 10-15 years younger.

As a physician I had already eliminated the options of gastric bypass and banding as healthy options after seeing so many unhealthy appearing, miserable post op patients. I had already failed all of the popular and some not so popular diets. I was therefore impressed when at 3 months I had already lost over 25 pounds and gained over 14 pounds of muscle.

I have now lost 42+ pounds in under 6 months and I feel invigorated, healthy, and energetic. I’ve changed my diet under the close supervision of my exercise/nutrition counselor Kate Sanders, who is a better motivator than any personal trainer I’ve tried (and failed) to work with in the past. Her exercise routines, personalized for my back issues, have transformed me from someone afraid to shake up my limited exercise habits to someone that attacks each routine with vigor. Thanks to the whole Cenegenics team in Boston for their support, expertise and education.

E.F., 50yo M, Physician Specialist, Western MA

*Individual results may vary.

E.F., 50yo Male

I knew that I had a familial propensity for high cholesterol, but the wakeup call came when a routine exam for life insurance revealed some very ugly numbers. At age 46, with two small children, I knew I needed to do something serious.

I spent a lot of time analyzing a lot of different options and then decided upon the Cenegenics program.

Dr. Boman and Kate Sanders explained in very simple terms how to make the changes that would yield the desired results. Blood tests just 5 weeks into the program revealed that the program was incredibly effective! Cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides – all of the things that had been much too high were now moving substantially lower. After only 100 days on the program the results were continuing to get better, and my body weight had also dropped by enough that I needed smaller pants two waist sizes smaller. I am now at 220 pounds- a weight I haven’t seen in 10 years!

The program is an investment in yourself.

Thank you Dr. Boman and Kate!

E.J., 46yo Male married with two darling girls, investor, financial consultant, North Shore, MA

*Individual results may vary.
E.J., 46yo Male

To: Lars Boman, M.D.
Subject: Climb in Europe

Thank you for helping me reclaim my passion for living life like a lion! “This is my Birthday present to myself- after 30 years, I have returned to the top of the world!”

Best regards,

*Individual results may vary.

B.G., 68yo Male

At 49 years old, I found myself tired, unable to exercise due to injury, overweight, and devoid of normal mental energy. While I had no diseases, clearly something was not right, and I started to research medical practices that dealt with wellness and quality of life. I chose Cenegenics because of their long-standing experience with and their deep research into the wellness and longevity areas of health care. I wanted to be proactive about my health and they provided all the right tools to help me achieve a more active, full and healthy life. Only 2 months into the program, I am losing weight, able to exercise 6 times per week without injury or setbacks, I have a high level of cognitive and physical energy and I’m headed to a very healthy weight and body composition. Dr. Boman and his team are successfully guiding me to dramatically better health and quality of life, and I feel fantastic! I cannot recommend Cenegenics Boston more highly.

D.H., 49 years old, male, real estate investor, Cape Cod, MA

*Individual results may vary.


D.H., 56yo Male

DEXA Scan results: Lost over 13lbs of fat and gained over 5lbs of muscle in 3 months following the Cenegenics Boston Weight Loss Program!

Dear Lars and Mark,
I want to take a minute to thank you for offering such an excellent weight loss, strength and nutrition program. As you know, I had two goals: 1st to lose some stomach fat and 2nd to reset my weight set-point 10 pounds lower. Your 12 week program accomplishes both of them. It was great to see the objective results utilizing advanced technology muscle/fat testing.

I would, and have, recommended the program enthusiastically.

Best wishes and thanks again,

D.S., 62yrs. Dentist, Dexter, ME

*Individual results may vary.
D.S., 62yo Male

I want to take a moment to share my experiences with Cenegenics and Dr. Lars Boman. I have been a client with Cenegenics for several years. Needless to say, Cenegenics changed my life. When I first met Dr. Boman, I was on contract in the Boston area. I spent nearly 300 days a year on the road. The lifestyle and my choices certainly took its toll on my physical appearance and well-being. I was dramatically overweight, depressed, had no sex-drive, and faced significant cholesterol challenges.

Over the course of two years, I worked closely with Dr. Boman and his team to make my health goals become a reality. I lost over 30 pounds of fat, gained 10+ pounds of muscle, watched my cholesterol numbers dramatically improve, and experienced a general improvement in mood, energy, attitude, and libido that was nothing short of life changing.

Cenegenics is not a miracle cure. It requires a commitment to nutrition, exercise, and following a consistent supplement and pharmacy plan. However, it is a fulfilling cycle. As you follow the diet and pharmacy plan… your energy improves. As your energy improves, you exercise more. As you exercise more, your physical appearance and mood improves. In other words, you see, feel, and live results.

I highly recommend Cenegenics to all patients. Dr. Boman and his team are outstanding resources who care about your goals and work to adjust your program as your goals change or as life changes.

R.S, 34yo male, Global MBA, W. Greenwich RI now relocated to Baltimore, MD

*Individual results may vary.
R.S., 34yo Male

I have a number of positive comments/observations of changes since I started with Cengenics.

  • Some light to medium inflammation in a finger and upper femur has virtually disappeared. The femur/hip inflammation has woken me up at around 5 a.m. almost like clockwork for 4-5 years. I’ve almost forgotten that was a problem as it now appears less than one night in ten.
  • The small ‘love handles’ I could never shake seem completely gone.
  • Libido, as predicted, is back. Nighttime erections are far greater than in the recent past. Those were another thing I’d forgotten was normal, and frankly, it’s a pleasure to have them return. Lovemaking has tripled. My wife is not complaining.
  • Creativity is stronger.
  • Recovery after workouts is faster.
  • Muscle mass seems to have increased, although I’ll defer to your marvelous machines to make an objective determination on my upcoming scan.
  • Another interesting phenomena I’ve observed is that night time cramps have disappeared. Without exaggeration, for years I would have severe leg cramps once to three times a week. They’ve completely disappeared. I’d chased a cure for the problem for some time without luck, including consultations with various physicians. I’m not sure what component of what we’re now doing might have eliminated the cramps.

Regardless, I’m thrilled.
— And my sleep is far deeper.

P.G. 65yo Male, married, Consulting Engineer, suburb N. of Boston

*Individual results may vary.
P.G., 65yo Male