You would probably not be surprised if you read that blood serves a critical role in maintaining our body’s systems. It supplies oxygen and nutrients to cells, regulates the body’s hormone balance, allows us to eliminate waste, and maintains body temperature. However, what you might not know, is that you would find the exact same definition if you googled “the importance of water.” Water is not only required for the preservation of human life, but it is also essential for the metabolic processes of all life forms. So, how exactly does water contribute to your good health?

Water Contributes to Weight Loss

Drinking water makes you feel full, so if you drink an 8-ounce glass of water before meals, it will help you reduce your calorie intake. You can also use water to replace your consumption of higher calorie beverages. If you are one of those people who has difficulty drinking a lot of fluids, you can add water-rich foods to your diet. Examples of these are fruits, vegetables, broth based soups, and oatmeal.

Water is the Body’s Elixir

Water moisturizes the entire body. It saturates the air in the lungs and lubricates the joints, producing less pain and cramping. It hydrates skin cells, leaving the skin looking smooth and youthful. Rinsing your hair with cool waterleaves it shinier, smoother, and much more manageable. If you suffer from swollen and tearing eyes due to allergies, a cold compress will alleviate your symptoms. Clearly, water is a natural remedy for many of the body’s ills.

Water Enhances Physical Performance

It’s important to drink water to energize your muscles and maximize athletic performance. Cells need water to maintain a balance of fluids and electrolytes. This is particularly important during exercise and physical activity. Proper hydration improves metabolism, maintains consistent body temperature, and improves concentration. In short, your workouts become easier and your performance is heightened. On the contrary, dehydration weakens muscles and creates fatigue. This makes your every move a struggle and destroys your motivation to continue.

Water is Essential for Critical Body Functions

Kidneys and bowels rid the body of waste products and toxins. When they don’t get enough water, they store these toxic fluids in order to perform necessary bodily functions. Over time, this can lead to severe gastrointestinal infections and kidney stones. Staying hydrated every day provides the body’s organs exactly what they need to function properly, and keeps you healthy.

Water Reduces Pain

We have already reviewed how water can eliminate joint pain. But, it also serves as one of the best natural remedies for headaches. The National Headache Foundation notes that headaches are a common symptom of mild to moderate dehydration. Drinking water, especially at times when you are losing fluids, can prevent headaches. Once the symptom occurs, try water. You may be surprised how quickly your headaches subside.

Drinking Water is Simply a Healthy Practice

The symptoms of dehydration range from the minor, dry mouth, headache, and irritability, to the life-threatening, organ failure. Since our bodies are two-thirds water, it makes sense that when we lose it, it needs to be replaced. But, don’t wait until you experience symptoms to begin drinking. Water is the most abundant element on earth and the second most popular beverage behind soft drinks. So, keep it with you and drink up. Even if you have to pay for it, it’s definitely worth it!