Even today, after more than 5,000 years of yoga practice and proven benefits, people still have certain preconceptions when it comes to actually trying it. In the past decades, yoga’s perception has changed from mystic practice to Hollywood trend, but people seem to overlook its true purpose and benefits: it is a mind and body complementary practice with a holistic approach that can improve our lives significantly.

Endless health benefits

Most of us try it as an alternative to going to the gym or jogging, but we barely know half of the benefits yoga actually brings to our body. From low blood pressure and energy boost, yoga increases respiratory efficiency and strength, boosts the immune system and enables normal endocrine functioning. There’s probably not a single anatomical part of the body that doesn’t benefit from the practice of yoga.

Medicine for the mind and soul

One of yoga’s main assets is its effect on mood and well-being. It improves both kinesthetic and somatic awareness and is an important ally in fighting depression, anxiety and attention deficit. Yoga has positive effects on self-acceptance, self-esteem and social skills.

Biochemical changes in the body

The practice of yoga determines many biochemical changes in the body with further effects on our health, mood and well-being. It decreases glucose, sodium and cholesterol and increases the levels of vitamin C, hemoglobin and thyroxin, being an important prevention factor in many serious diseases.

Why not give yoga a try today?