Healthy aging is our specialty at Cenegenics Boston. Therefore, we were excited to hear the news that the University of California, San Diego, just created a “think tank” to discuss this very topic. UC San Diego’s Think Tank on Healthy Aging is a two-year project featuring 14 renowned doctors and researchers, and is affiliated with their Center for Healthy Aging.

The goal of the think tank project is to look at aging holistically by assembling academics and experts in a variety of fields, not just medicine.

“Aging is not a disease to be cured, but a process to be enhanced,” said Dr. Dilip Jeste, a UC San Diego professor coordinating the group.


Dr. Dilip Jeste

We couldn’t agree more.

A kick-off forum for the think tank was held on Sunday, November 16th at UCSD. Some of the ideas discussed at the forum:

  • Using interactive video games to exercise
  • Sprinkling raw chocolate on everything you eat to boost antioxidants
  • Using technology such as a smartphone app to monitor your heart rate and send a reading to a cardiologist.

We anticipate a lot of good coming out of this two-year project. Healthy aging is something that takes intention and creativity. We will keep you posted on any more developments from this think tank.