According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around half of all adults in the U.S. have already developed a chronic health condition such as heart disease or diabetes. This equates to around 133 million adults with potentially life-shortening but ultimately preventable health conditions – and numbers are set to rise.

Take Action Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Many adults slip into the false belief that the aging process leads to an inevitable decline in health. While it’s true that growing older brings with it certain changes, advancing years do not need to mean poor health is inevitable, and it’s never too late to take action to reduce your risk of developing chronic or debilitating conditions.

Healthy Aging Tip 1 – Exercise Daily

According to Carmel B. Dyer of the University of Texas Medical School, beginning a regular program of exercise at any age reaps the same benefits of lowered blood pressure, better weight control and improved muscular strength.

Which Type of Exercise?

Daily exercise need not involve gym membership but it’s important to choose an activity which helps to raise your heart and breathing rates above normal levels. Current ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) guidelines suggest adults should take part in a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardiorespiratory exercise each week.

Healthy Aging Tip 2 – Improve Flexibility

ACSM guidelines also recommend following a program of weekly flexibility exercises. Improving flexibility in the major muscle groups with a static or dynamic stretching routine two or three times each week helps to improve and maintain joint mobility, helping to improve your range of motion as a result. More advanced routines using ballistic or PNF stretching techniques can lead to significant improvements in flexibility and it’s never too late to begin.

Healthy Aging Tip 3 – Improve Your Diet

Simply ensuring you eat at least five portions of healthful fruits and vegetables each day has been scientifically proven to help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

Healthy Eating and Weight Management

A healthful diet can also help to reduce your risk of developing diabetes and certain types of arthritis. Type 2 diabetes currently affects over 23 million Americans but it’s a disease that can be prevented by taking steps to manage your weight through a combination of diet and appropriate exercise.

The Bottom Line

Taking steps to improve your health today will not only help you add years to your life but life to your years. Healthy aging not only includes reducing your risk of developing potentially life-shortening diseases but also increasing the quality of your life by increasing your physical and sexual health alongside your mental acuity. The personalized Elite Health Programs prescribed by Cenegenics Boston are designed to take you beyond healthy aging by giving you everything you need to age successfully.