Gone are the days of seeking fitness, nutrition and health advice only through face to face with experts and online forums. Social media has opened up a world where there are millions of options, resources and tools to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are some ways to leverage social media:

1. Twitter.

There are thousands of articles on Twitter with the latest news and up-to-date fitness information. By searching hash tags that include #Fitness #Weightloss #FitFam #Nutrition you will stumble onto hundreds of topics.

2. Pinterest.

This photo-focused social media platform can be used to search for motivational pictures and quotes. You can find thousands of before and after weight-loss photos and grab tips to see what others are doing and if it is right for you.

3. Facebook.

Use this platform to let friends and family know about your new fitness journey. You may find much needed support and people to celebrate your success. Encouragement from others can be an incredible help!