Most people don’t realize that nails serve as an important window into general health. The state of your nails can reveal what stress or infections your body may be fighting. Pay attention to your nails so you don’t miss any important health clues.

White Nails

Nails that are mostly white with darker rims are usually indicative of liver problems. This frequently happens to people who have Hepatitis A. Jaundiced fingers are also a sign that you might be experiencing liver problems.

Yellow Nails

If you notice your nails are turning yellow, it may not be a health concern. Instead, you may paint your nails too much. Staining from overuse of polish often turns nails yellow.

However, if you don’t regularly polish your nails, yellowing nails may point to a more serious underlying issue. People with diabetes may experience yellow nails, so be sure to discuss it your doctor. Yellow nails can also signify respiratory problems, such as bronchitis; certain fungal issues can turn nails yellow.

Rippled Nails

Nails that look like there are tiny ripples in them or small dots or indentations might be an early indicator of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. It is also common for the skin under the nails to be a reddish or brownish color.

Nail Clubbing

Nail clubbing occurs when your fingernail tips become enlarged and the fingernails begin to bend and curve over them. This is usually a slow process, making it difficult to notice until it is severe. This nail issue is often a clue of various types of lung disease and cardiovascular disease. You may be experiencing low levels of oxygen in the body; consult with your doctor if you experience this symptom.

Cracking Nails

Nails that are cracked or start splitting are sometimes linked to thyroid disease. If the nail also has a yellowish color, it may be a fungal infection, a more manageable ailment. Over washing resulting in dry hands will also cause your nails to crack.


Paying attention to any changes in your fingernails is important. If your nails have been changing, and you think this might be due to a medical issue, reach out to your doctor.