Yoga has become a very popular form of relaxation and meditation. Often thought of as aerobic, yoga is not exercise. Although there are positions and movements involved, the purpose of yoga is not to gain physical fitness. In fact, the fitness that is provided from yoga is psychological and emotional rather than external. Because yoga is about self reflection, it relieves stress and it is addictive, people of all ages participate in yoga, and the number of participants is steadily increasing.

Yoga is about self reflection and stimulation of intellect

Traditional exercising causes fatigue and drains your body of energy, causing you to seek revitalization afterwards. In opposition, yoga uses the principles of self reflection and meditation to calm the mind and energize the body. While participating in yoga, the thoughts that run through your mind slow down and you begin to think in a clear manner. All of the distractions and influences of our daily responsibilities appear to melt away. As a result, you gain clarity, peace and a sense of calmness that refocuses your energy. When you finish, you feel awakened and yet relaxed.

As we seek inner peace, yoga also serves as intellectual stimulation. The obstacles of life causes inner conflictions, as we are responsible for making various decisions daily. At times, those internal debates become intense. With environmental and social distractions attracting our attention, we often find that we lack the ability to concentrate and make confident decisions with ease.

With yoga, worldly distractions are blocked out and are prevented from distracting your thoughts. As you meditate, your thoughts become clear, as you relax your muscles, focus on deep breathing and allow your mind and body to sync in relaxation. Your inner voice will become more evident and audible. Only then can you solely focus on single thoughts, as they will come to you without trying.

Yoga relieves stress from the mind and body while improving your health

Stress is often internalized within the body. If held inside long enough, stress can manifest into health issues such as migraines, ulcers and even cancer tumors. In a very gentle manner of performance, yoga works to relieve the body of built up stress by relaxing and calming every muscle in your body. In doing so, not only will you increase your focus and reduce the physical symptoms of stress, but you will rejuvenate your nervous, digestive, circulatory and glandular systems.

While practicing yoga, you are instructed to concentrate on deep breathing and total body relaxation. As a result, you breath in more oxygen into your lungs which allows your heart to circulate oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. This oxidizes your vital organs and strengthens your immune system. Overall, you experience better health while increasing your lifespan.

Yoga acts like an addictive drug

An addiction is basically an obsession with a particular feeling that is derived from a certain action or consumption of a substance. Yoga acts like an addictive drug, as it delivers a feeling that compels you to seek it over and over again. People incorporate yoga into their life on a consistent basis, and once newcomers are introduced to the feeling, they return as well. Before long, people become dependent on yoga as a way to regain their focus or relive themselves from stress that accumulates due to the challenges of life.

Even more, since yoga shifts your mental focus much like the way drugs and alcohol allows people to forget their problems, yoga can be viewed as a lifestyle more than just a pleasure. Yoga participants find enjoyment in the activity, but they also discover that is changes their habits. As their health improves, the effects reach over into their eating habits. With more energy and stamina, they have a desire to engage in more activities. As they experience better mental clarity, they accomplish more at work and at home as tasks become easier to complete. Yoga becomes intricately embedded into every aspect of their life. Not only do they become dependent on yoga, they live the yoga lifestyle and it becomes apart of who they are.

All in all, yoga has become widely popular due to its’ physical and emotional benefits. Because yoga focuses on self reflection, relieves stress and is addictive, more and more people join yoga classes or start yoga at home every day. People crave for that spiritual experience, and they know with yoga, they will get it.